IndiPro Tools External Battery and Power Solutions – NAB 2016

As camera systems get smaller one design issue could be the smaller batteries that leave us with short run times. This is especially true with many of Sony's mirrorless camera systems. If you're looking for longer run times, IndiPro Tools has a number of different Battery and Power solutions available as seen in this interview during the NAB 2016 show.

One important design difference with the IndiPro Tools cables they point out is having DC converters placed outside of the dummy battery. Not only does this reduce any possible heat from generating inside the camera (problem for some Sony cameras), but they also say it prevents any digital noise (a.k.a RF, EMI, etc.) that could affect your recorded footage.

You can find IndiPro Tools External Battery and Power Solutions over at B&H (click here).

indipro tools external dummy battery cable sony a7s a7r a6300indipro tools external battery sony a7s
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    @Colin - Well in the end they are both V-Mount batteries, and the V-Mount batteries themselves both work fine. But I think the cable to power up your cameras (dummy battery) is better with IndiPro Tools. The Switronix dummy battery uses a converter inside the dummy battery (not externally), and I have seen a few that shorted out and burnt up. Not a good thing when it's located inside of your camera.

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    @krys - Yup was reppin' Warriors at NABShow. Luckily they didn't lose to OKC, which would be a little akward posting these videos now. Lol.

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