A $49 Dollar Video Monopod w/ 3 Locking Leg Base Foot

Jeff writes in and shares this product find [thanks Jeff]. Now we already know the quality is probably going to be far (far far..far) from what you'll get with other top brands, but at less than $50 bucks (not including shipping) has anyone tried this Video Monopod with the flip lock 3 leg base?

The listing shows it may include a cheap video head, collapses down under 24" (minus head) and exends to about 5.5' feet (minus head), can accept either 1/4 or 3/8 flat mounting heads. I can see there has been almost 40 units sold in the last month from one seller alone, so if anyone has received one already and has feedback to share, leave those comments. Check it out via eBay (click here).

3 leg locking foot base monopod videoVideo Monopod Locking Leg Base Fluid Foot
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20 thoughts on “A $49 Dollar Video Monopod w/ 3 Locking Leg Base Foot

  1. mlitty

    If you have a monopod and just want the feet, I think you can get that same foot base unit on ebay for $21.75 at the time of this comment. Many sellers have them at that price under different titles. I found several by searching the "Cameras & Photo" category for

    monopod feet -gopro

    I'd post a link but, as ebay listings change regularly, the search terms should be more useful for longer.

  2. Crosby

    Hi Stray,

    Haven't used it a lot yet, beyond just experimenting, due to what I'm working on but plan to shortly. Auction description can be confusing due to language and the people selling them not being in the photo/video business. It's a monopod so there's only one leg with sections that twist lock. The foot flip locks. See the pictures I put in the flicker link above. Base feels like it's fluid to me. Haven't broken it in my playing and I have made use of the base lock.

  3. Stray


    How's it holding up? Did yours come with the flip lock legs as described in the title, or with the twist locks in the pictures?

    Is there an actual fluid pan in the base, or is it just the ball?


  4. Stray

    Has anyone tried sticking the 500AH (701 replacement) on one of these? I'd like to know how that worked.

  5. Crosby

    Monopod just arrived. Weird mummy-like packaging. They wrapped the monopod in its carry bag in a bunch of bubble wrap, then taped it heavily, then wrapped it in grey plastic and heavily taped that. Weird but it arrived without so much as a nick on it. Build is like my other monopod so that's fine. Base of the monopod itself has a 3/8" threaded hole. Inside the top of the foot is a 3/8" shaft. Simple screw together and it's set.

    Feet have push button locks that seem to work well. I stuck a GH2 on an extra 3130 head I had laying around and played a bit. The base feels fluid and pivoting/tilting from the base work as expected, no click stops. The part I bought it for, the locking base, works well. While I'd probably want to be close by, the camera seems stable. Not mounting a big heavy rig on the thing and then walking away though -- wouldn't even do that with a tripod if I wanted it still to be there when I got back. Haven't shot anything with it yet but I can see it being a very usable part of my kit. The 3130 head is little too big to fit in the tapered top of the carry bag but that's okay.

    Pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/crosby007/9482401248/in/set-72157635017547258

  6. Crosby

    I have no way of knowing if it will fit your Manfrotto or not. I ordered from the top link in my message. Figure it will be here next week. I'll measure the socket or whatever it uses.

  7. @Crosby
    hmmmm I wonder if there's a way to attach those legs to my existing Manfrotto 680b monopod. That would be sweet because that 680b is tall and built like a tank!

  8. Cameron Glendinning

    Mine arrived today, you were right the build quality is poor, the plastic that holds the feet in place is way to thin and broke within the first hour, so in the bin it goes. There was a fluid pan feature.

  9. Unfortunately no, that seems to be one of those neat features the 561-BHDV has that this one doesn't. It can stand up on it's own but the moment you add weight to it, it's going to fall. I still think it's a great deal considering the price.

  10. I ordered one and it came in today. Yes, I would have to agree that in terms of build, this monopod is far from the build quality of top brands but for what it is and the price, it's actually quite usable. The legs do fold up with a push lock mechanism which is nice because you can easily throw it into a bag. In terms of build quality, the twist locks work fairly well although not as well as some of my other tripod twist locks. The most important thing for me was whether the monopod was solid when you extend it and in reality, it actually jiggles a little bit at the joints but if you retract it back in about 2 inches from the twist lock, the monopod works perfectly fine. What surprised me was that it actually has a fluid base. All in all, it's a great monopod if you're on a budget, already have a fluid head, and you remember not to fully extend each section of the monopod.

  11. I double checked to see if it was the same parts from the manfrotto since they look very similar at first. I thought maybe this was one of those instances where the chinese supplier was taking the outsourced manufacturing and turning around and using it to sell a cheaper no-name brand. They are indeed very similar at the base where the feet are, but there is one difference that stands out to me:
    On the Manfrotto version, which I've used, there is a clip that latches the foot in place either in the folded out or folded up position, hence the "half-circle with indentions" shape of the base where the metal legs connect. to fold up or fold down the legs, you have to pull out the spring loaded clip, which requires a cutout on the legs for the clip to slide back and forth.
    HOWEVER, on this $49 version, there is no cutout, but it looks like its just bolted on there. so it doesn't look like there is a way to properly pull a spring to fold up or fold down the legs.
    If the parts on the base had been the same as the Manfrotto version, I would have bought one right away! but this is sort of strange, so I hope someone will post a review.

  12. john

    Thats a really good price if you already have the head.

    If not, I think the Benro w/ the S2 head (same as the manfrotto 701hdv) would be a better buy since you are getting a quality head.

  13. Cool monopod 'em. Will wait and see if it's a good product!

    And it's always nice to know people from the same island are reading cheesycam. Hello from another Singaporean, Zane!

  14. Ordered from the $66.99 seller that seems to include a bag. Will report back when I receive it, although it might take a while to ship to Singapore.

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