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Jeff writes in and shares this product find [thanks Jeff]. Now we already know the quality is probably going to be far (far far..far) from what you'll get with other top brands, but at less than $50 bucks (not including shipping) has anyone tried this Video Monopod with the flip lock 3 leg base?

The listing shows it may include a cheap video head, collapses down under 24" (minus head) and exends to about 5.5' feet (minus head), can accept either 1/4 or 3/8 flat mounting heads. I can see there has been almost 40 units sold in the last month from one seller alone, so if anyone has received one already and has feedback to share, leave those comments. Check it out via eBay (click here).

3 leg locking foot base monopod videoVideo Monopod Locking Leg Base Fluid Foot
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Standing Monopod

Here's a clever free standing Monopod that might be useful for more than just camera support. In the image they show a free standing DSLR with a long telephoto lens which is quite a bit of weight. Packs down to about 20 inches, much smaller and lighter than your basic light stand and with a mini ball head attached, it could also serve to hold a microphone, a portable audio recorder, or LED video light in place. Maximum height is approximately 4' 6".

Monopod light StandMonopod Tripod Standing

Should be able to hold a portable Photo Flash when working on portraits or Macro photography, or maybe just throw a small camera off to the side for Time Lapsing an event while you run around shooting. I guess something like this would also work as an extra stabilizer towards the end of your Camera Slider. The Monopod works as a usual monopod, but if you need it in free standing mode, it has three legs that extend to a fairly stable tripod stand (unlike the small feet on the Manfrotto's). If you're in the market for a Monopod, this might be pretty a cool dual, triple, or quadruple purpose stand.

Monopod Stand
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