$50 OFF Carry Speed VF-4 LCD ViewFinder

If you're not familiar with the VF-4, above is a short video review of the Carry Speed VF-4 LCD Video ViewFinder from YouTube member Blunty3000.

Here's another video of the VF-4 in use as part of a mini-rig setup on a GH3 camera from Johnny Gadget Films. [Note: the VF-4 is not designed to work with the GH3 camera perfectly. There is a millimeter of space that appears under the LCD].

Currently, the original discount promotion is back for a limited time and you can save $50 Dollars OFF on the latest Carry Speed VF-4 LCD Video View Finder for DSLR cameras.

This $50 dollar OFF promotion is only available when making your purchase through https://PhotographyandCinema.com, and details can be found following the banner below.

$50 OFF VF-4 LCD View Finder for DSLR Video

6 thoughts on “$50 OFF Carry Speed VF-4 LCD ViewFinder

  1. jim

    is this offer still going on? i tried to purchase it from the carryspeed website but it says the code doesn't work?

  2. sKiZZiT

    How will it work with a Rode mic on the hotshoe? I don't think the eye-piece can open up and hold properly, right?

  3. pat

    Am I the only one having a problem applying the coupon code? There is no place to enter it at checkout.

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