New Gear: ATP – Anti Twist Plates for Manfrotto 501PL

[Disclaimer] I've personally helped to provide input on the design of this particular product along with I find this small item incredibly useful, but please make your decisions based solely on the product functionality and not my personal opinion.

The Common Problem
The Manfrotto 501PL Quick Release plate is compatible across several of Manfrotto's Video Fluid Heads making it highly popular among DSLR Video Shooters. The 501PL (or compatible) quick release plate offers an anti-twist register pin, but the design of DSLR camera bodies are unable to take advantage of this.

An Innovative Solution
For this widely common problem, has exclusively designed this special ATP adapter kit that will transform ordinary 501PL plates into an anti-twist plate specifically for popular DSLR cameras or smaller Interchangeable Lens (ILC) Camera bodies. The ATP is designed to 'LOCK' in place above the 501PL plate and adds an anti-twist lip across the camera body.

ATP-Anti_Twist_Plate_for_Manfrotto_501PL_large   atp_Small_medium
(Above) ATP Long & Short - Anti-Twist Plate for 501PL

Using the ATP Plates WILL NOT CHANGE the basic functionality of your 501PL plates when moving from your favorite tripod heads (like 701HDV), favorite monopods (like 561BHDV), and to 501PL quick release adapters. It is designed to enhance the abilities of your 501PL plates when working with DSLR Video cameras.

The ATP Plate is not at all required when working with DSLR Video, but it will help to eliminate the annoyance of cameras shifting over the 501PL. For some that's a small price to pay for peace of mind when working on important projects. Pricing has not yet been announced, but more information about the ATP Plates and a 20% OFF Coupon (when available) can be found at the product page at

(Above) Example shown with 5D Mark II, Panasonic GH2, Nikon D600

36 thoughts on “New Gear: ATP – Anti Twist Plates for Manfrotto 501PL

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Eddie - I'm not sure. Is there a way you can take a few pictures of the bottom of your C300 (straight on - not at an angle) with a ruler next to it? Maybe I can try to measure it from here.

  2. Eddie

    Will this work on the c300? I've got one for a month for a doc I'm shooting and getting the camera to stay on the sticks without twisting is a nightmare. Thanks

  3. Todd Covelli


    So excited about these, when will they ship? The P&C gear is TOP NOTCH. I have already had 2 friends buy the Pico Dolly! For people who have never purchased the P&C stuff; you can not go wrong!

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @eikerir - It would fit, but it locks to the register pin which means your camera will sit forward on that plate.

  5. @Emm - would it be possible to use CarrySpeed VF-4, manfrotto plate attached to that VF-4 base and still use this antitwist accesory? Or is the manfrotto plate already possible to make antitwist just with two screws attached to VF-4 base?

  6. PabloG

    Hmmm, never had such problem with manfrotto 501 plate. It has rubber on it to prevent movement, just needs to screw it bit harder. I have it permanently mounted on my canon 5dII. You better invest in rods and lens support

  7. Archie

    Awesome! Hope pricing and international shipping is great. Will order 2 (and surf more products at P&C, still in love with the cage).
    @Emm I bought arms with Pico Dolly but they don't hold my 7"Monitor+big sony battery. What is the max load of those arms? My monitor keeps falling and I don't know how to manage that yet. Could it be some sort of twisting issue instead of load? I always though this plate twisting was due to weight.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @RJ - Yes it would work with those Calumet plates. They are the same dimension.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Peter A - Hahah yeah I guess so, but dang just one of those things costs more than (3x) Manfrotto QR plates.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Peter A - Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately that thing looks a bit over engineered and priced at $65.00 dollars US/each. It might work for longer plates, but It looks like it would take up too much space on a 501PL (I don't think it would work).

    Don't quote me exactly, but I believe the target price for the ATP kit will be under $25 dollars (or cheaper).

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Lee - Definitely on the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera. On the Cinema Camera it grabs a bit of the body underneath where the fan vent is.

  12. john

    So clever yet it took someone this long to create a fix for it! Ill definitely be buying this.

    Thanks Emm and team!

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @min - The tab will definitely help, but the pin really locks it down in two places.

  14. Cool. I made something similar with a piece of sheetmetal for my gitzo plate. Would these plates be compatible for different tripods and cameras? Can you use just the tab and not the pin and still prevent twist (so you can mount the camera on the back for the Manfrotto plate for front heavy rigs)?

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