5 thoughts on “Zacuto EVF in Stock

  1. Nicholas

    Be very careful with this EVF! If sunlight falls through the lens for a mere second you burn the monitor! Cover the EVF at all times! I'm talking from experience it takes literally seconds to destroy your beautiful monitor. Zacuto is working on a solution until then sunlight is your worst enemy.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @DigiFilmer - Yes, I believe the EVF has HDMI out so yes it can be passed to another monitor. You would need an HDMI transmitter, something like the Asus WiCast is a good DIY solution.

  3. DigiFilmer

    Using a 5d, I'm curious if this could out put the exact same picture to a liliput monitor. Wirelessly have someone else pull focus and such.

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