DIY Mini Camera Track Dolly

Submitted by YouTube member detomaso4ag, here's a simple method to create your DIY Mini Video camera track dolly. For those who don't mind the skate wheels on a pipe track it's a cheap solution to getting smooth gliding camera movements. The trick is getting the wheels drilled in perfectly to the angle iron. If you're slightly off, then the dolly will wobble down the track. For those who aren't ready to tackle the DIY, these mini dollies already exist, found below.

find-price-button Mini Video Camera Track Dolly

One thought on “DIY Mini Camera Track Dolly

  1. Makes me wish I hadn't already bought my Ikan wheels for almost $200 and built my own. My does have a teensy bit of wobble.

    Anyone know of where to buy just the base? I'd like to buy just the base and put the wheels I already have on it.

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