Wondlan Demo – Leopard Stabilizer

Wondlan's new Leopard Stabilizer system comes in along with some of the cheapest Dual Arm Vest + Stabilizer kits. How well does it work? Hmm..There's a few videos that are showing up over at Vimeo for you to take a look at. One demo above, and an instructional type video showing how to assemble the entire kit and balance (below). So far, nothing else online from an actual 'owner' especially here in the US. I'm more interested in how comfortable the vest is and if it might be available seperately. The spring design and dual arm looks to be of very high quality and much better than the Flycam junk vest stuff.

Wonland's products can be found below:
Wondlan Leopard Steadicam Stabilizer
find-price-button Wondlan DSLR Leopard Vest Video Camera Stabilizer

13 thoughts on “Wondlan Demo – Leopard Stabilizer

  1. Jerry

    I agreed with Emm, I have the same setup as he does, I saw Emm mod on the arm post to fit the glidecam handle. It was great, glad he made that. I went to Lowe's bought an 8" rod and follow his instruction. I used it on a few wedding jobs.

    Now, I've mod it even more. I've ordered the curved handle from glidecam and had my friend with a machine shop and shaved of the arm post to fit the steadicam vest and arm. Since I can't moved the gimbal up or down the post. I mode the HD glidecam by moving the telescoping post to the top and ordered another telescoping post for the base.

  2. Jamel


    Since you're not a fan of the Flycam vest, do you have another option one can go for that is in the same price range as the Flycam vest? The Merlin is too rich for my blood.

  3. Greg

    I have the flycam dual arm and actually like it very much. It took me a while to get it balanced correctly the first time, but once I did it works great. I believe Emm tested the single arm version that had the hook point in the front center. The new version is a double arm like the more popular brands and has the hook point under the right arm.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - I have friends who used the Glidecam vests, and say it's good. The biggest difference is the Steadicam Vest is extremely slim and the arm is smaller so you can actually maneuver through smaller spaces and doorways. Keep in mind that the Merlin vest I have is the same as the 'Pilot' vest which is a heavier stabilizer from Steadicam. This Merlin / Pilot vest can carry much much much much more weight than a simple Merlin.

  5. So Flycam's vest is junk, you think? The unit itself is very inexpensive and the arm brace is not that bad either. But you don't like the vest?

    Between the Steadicam's arm/vest and the Glidecam's arm/vest do you have a preference? If you didn't own the Steadicam's vest before, that is. I've seen your mod and everything, and I think the Glidecam is a bit more expensive but $500 or so.

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  7. requested wondlan to replace the post's connectors with hdmi instead and run the wire inside directly to the monitor... after a lengthy back and forth, they finally said they could do it! we haven't committed yet at this point - still waiting for user reviews on the product to see if its worth it.

    might be interesting if someone follows up and asks for the hdmi version and we really get a stabilizer developed for the dslr community. 🙂

  8. Fabdex

    @Nitsan: I agree with you. Stabilizers are not magical: they need someone to operate them properly. I have a friend who bought one and doesn't have a clue on how to use it. He thought that just strapping it on would do the trick. I use a very old Steadicam jr with my T2i and I get very impressive results. Years of practice, man !

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @frank suero - I don't think that Flycam vest is very good. I would go with the Steadicam Merlin vest.

  10. Emm when you say Flycam you mean the indian stuff? we are planning to get one of this arms for a project that involve long hours hand held for a political campaing here in mexico and we will like to get something that get the heavy work.

    Thanks in advance for the tip

  11. Misio

    33kg - 73Lbs - no thanks, glidecam x10 is dual arm (4 springs - not 2) and HD4000 a lot lighter for the same price. Also the lock is in wrong spot, right under elbow.
    But it has nice case, stand and monitor.

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