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Wondlan's new Leopard Stabilizer system comes in along with some of the cheapest Dual Arm Vest + Stabilizer kits. How well does it work? Hmm..There's a few videos that are showing up over at Vimeo for you to take a look at. One demo above, and an instructional type video showing how to assemble the entire kit and balance (below). So far, nothing else online from an actual 'owner' especially here in the US. I'm more interested in how comfortable the vest is and if it might be available seperately. The spring design and dual arm looks to be of very high quality and much better than the Flycam junk vest stuff.

Wonland's products can be found below:
Wondlan Leopard Steadicam Stabilizer
find-price-button Wondlan DSLR Leopard Vest Video Camera Stabilizer


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I'm thinking this would be a great addition to my new Canon Coffee mugs. LOL. Vests are geeky, but if you're hired to work on a gig, they are actually very functional. It's like wearing a backpack, but instead of all the pouches on your back, you got gear all over your body. From the post, they say it's a legit Canon trademark and licensed apparel. Looks pretty cool, just thought some of you might be a Canon-holic like myself. Click on the image above to get to the product page, or click here.

Description of Auction:
This is a Brand New Canon Pro Photographer's Vest/Jacket. Never been dressed. It is officially issued by Canon. Not pirated. Made of cotton. It is a functional tool and a good looking addition to any photographer's wardrobe. Red Canon logo embroidered on the chest pocket and back. Two Velcro® closing patch pockets provide fast access for any accessory. Four zippered pockets give the photographer secure space for accessories. Four more pockets close with Velcro® can be found on the inside of the vest. A "D" ring provide safe accessory and press pass attachment points and snap down epaulets keep camera and bag straps from slipping off the shoulder. Machine washable. Available in size L/ XL and XXL.