Wieldy II Stabilizer Vest System

Earlier this year, I showed off a Wieldy Stabilizer Vest system that finally met my needs to fly a lightweight camera setup. The vest was able to fly both my simple Canon 5D Mark III as well as my BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera. If you're interested, you can see that original video and article (found here).


I've been pretty happy with the system, and definitely worth the price for it's performance. Recently they've released a Wieldy Video Stabilizer Vest System version II. The vest has been completely redesigned along with the video stabilizer. (Their early version looks similar to a Glidecam HD4000). The new design of the stabilizer looks much more original, but still uses an adjustable gimbal that slides over a Carbon Fiber post.

Wieldy Vest Stabilizer Kit Video SystemWieldy_StabilizerII_dualArm_vest system

The Dual Arm has also been revamped now with a total of 4 smaller springs as opposed to the older version with 2 large springs. The Dual Arm quick release connection has also been upgraded and appears to have further adjustments at the base of the arm (similar to very high end vests). No real reviews on this product yet, just one random video on the product page. You can find the Wieldy Version II Stabilizer Vest Kits via ebay (click here).

find-price-button Wieldy II Stabilizer Vest System

Wieldy II Stabilizer Vest Currently Available on eBay

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  1. @Mehdimute - Hmm I don't ever remember saying CAME-TV and Wieldy 'are the same company'. I know them both, and they are not the same. Although you 'Can Buy Wieldy, from CAME-TV website'. So CAME-TV is a reseller of some of their products. I haven't tried any of the new Wieldy products, but the one I used a few years ago was much better for lighter weight setups. But keep in mind too that the Steadicam Vest prices have dropped like crazy (maybe a 3rd what it was before). Steadicam makes an excellent Merlin vest that at today's prices are really good quality.

  2. Hey Emm !
    Did you try the Came TV 1-7kg arm & vest ? is the Wieldy one really better for "lightweigt" setups (2 to 3kg) ? my main worry is about the springs
    You said once Came and Wieldy was the same company, but their vests look really different.
    Thanks for your help

  3. barry

    The mounting post that the sled sits on is very small. Can you point me in the right direction as to how I can use my glidecam sled with this arm?

  4. Emm, I have the older wieldy stabilizers (7kg) and was thinking about a vest since I have the c100. Think this vest would work with the older stabilizer?

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Danny - The post is not the same for the Glidecam, but you can modify a post to fit. It should work with that setup.

  6. Danny

    I have a Glidecam HD 4000 and a canon C100. I would like to know if the wieldy II vest + arm goes well with this equipment. Thanks.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Luiz Eduardo - That setup you have is quite light for most aftermarket vests. There is a way to adjust tension, but some don't dial down that far. I'm unfamiliar with this Wieldy II, but the entire Wieldy (first version with stabilizer) should work with your setup: httpss://cheesycam.com/new-dual-arm-stabilizer-vest-vs-steadicam-merlin-vest/

  8. Luiz Eduardo

    Hey Emm, i'm new at the steadicam thing and i would like to know if i have to calculate the weight of the stabilizer with the camera + lens or just the camera + lens to know if the steadicam can support it. And also, i can see there's a 'tension' on the arm of the steadi. That tension is adjstable? There is an 'ideal' weight to fly this? Is a t3i with a tokina 11-16mm too light for a good fly? Thank you so much!

  9. HDtography

    '...you decide if you could perform this with a Merlin.'

    LOL yeah probably not with a Merlin. Then again I couldn't do that shoot with a Glidecam either! Dam That's just crazy!

    I see your point though. Easier control with a long shaft and thus FAR less sway at speed. Thing is, I was never good with having the weight in front of my hand and felt the weight was more controllable with the hand underneath it.

    I see how an arm eliminates the weight issue though. Just have to get used to steering a big gimbal like that somehow.

    After watching your comparison video, I'm thinking the original version of the WIELDY perhaps has even more appeal than the Glidecam HD-4000, with being able to pack it down to just 15 inches and move the gimbal to the opposite end of the shaft, allowing you to fly super low shots with the camera upside down and flip the image in post. Ever try that Emm? Does it even work? It's also HALF the price but maybe you trust the Glidecam name/build quality more?

    Thanks again Emm, you're the best!

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @HDTography - I feel the design is easier to fly and easier to manage than the Merlin style. The very long post with the Gimbal placement. The Merlin style has a Gimbal directly under the camera, the Glidecam has a Gimbal along the post (and some types can be adjusted along the post).

    Take a look at this BTS video from YouTube member devingraham and you decide if you could perform this with a Merlin.

  11. HDtography


    While I am aware of your preference to Glidecam/Flycam type stabilizers, I am very interested in hearing your thoughts on the Steadycam Merlin 2 flying a 4 lb camera + 2 lb lens (6 lbs set up total) with one of these aftermarket vests/arms (of course buying the merlin post from tiffen/steadicam and modifying it so it will fit) as I near the transition to raw formats and most likely a BMCC.

    'WHY' exactly do you prefer the Glidecam style to the Merlin stabilizers? I do own a smoothie for the gopro HEROs and have also owned a flycam nano at one point for small format camcorders, and though different weight classes preferred the smoothie design and gimbal. What are the pros/cons between them at a heavier weight?

    Thanks so much for your opinion!

  12. Dagan

    I bought version 1, literally a month ago.. I didn't even get to use it in the field yet! lol I will post it up on ebay for sale then... practically brand new. Oh well.

  13. HDtography

    WIELDY eBay Store prices at time of posting:

    $296 = 1-7.5 kg Steadicam Steadycam Carbon Fiber Stabilizer
    $545 = 1-7.5 kg Wieldy Steadicam Steadycam Vest + Dual Arm
    $778 = 1-7.5 kg Steadicam Steadycam Carbon Fiber Stabilizer + Vest + Dual Arm


    $327 = 1-9.5 kg Wieldy STEADICAM-II Pro Stabilizer
    $590 - 1-9.5 kg Wieldy STEADICAM-II Pro Vest + Dual Arm
    $840 = 1-9.5 kg Wieldy STEADICAM-II Pro Stabilizer + Vest + Dual Arm


    Be interesting to see if the new 4 spring version can handle the lighter payloads as well as the original reportedly did.

    As for the new version of the stabilizer itself, I think I prefer the previous version's styling to the new 'pro' version's (II) styling.

  14. Soory! The price is NOT twice as much! Sorry! The link was in dollars and i am used to Sterling Punds.. so it the same price for the mark II 🙂

    Looking forward to somebody reviewing it!

  15. While it looks like the product got a lot of upgrades, I am skeptical on the videos they are posting. I looked at the post for stabilizer alone and their demo video seemed to have a heavy use of warp stabilizer from AE. Makes me weary of the product. I am almost thinking it is easier to go with a trusted product like the Glidecam HD2000

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