10 thoughts on “Vimeo Goes Pro (upgrade from Plus)

  1. mark

    This is a money grab, that is all. According to the "vimeo guidlines" almost everyone that has uploaded anything in commercial nature has been breaking their guidelines. This includes Vincent Laforet, Philip Bloom, etc, and also this awesome blog's owner, Emm. Instead of shutting down these people's accounts ( which would be destroying themselves) they are now giving you the option to pay 200 dollars for a generic website that most people could get for free via wordpress.
    Anyways, just my thoughts.

  2. Tony Maceo

    I guess some of you dont see the picture. VimeoPro is totally unbranded. No youtube logos and complete control over end actions, etc. This is geared to SMALL businesses who need a high quality HD streaming host solution this is transparent to the viewer. A good example is a company that needs to provide product tutorial videos, or like Vimeo press release gave example of a restaurant showing off it's signature dishes. Additionally, the 250k play limit is only on embeds, not vimeo/portfolio direct site views. Its not for everyone and Vimeo specifically says its NOT an upgrade from Plus.

  3. TOO LATE! You Tube has has the upper hand now...Vimeo was asked to do this 3 years ago! and their ego and elitist attitude and response was "we are a filmmaker community" or something silly as hell like that... WHY would we pay 200 per year and have no revenue potential like youtube and no caps...plain stupid as hell... STUPID!

  4. There was a time when Vimeo was ahead of Youtube. They had an opportunity to take the reigns of video sharing on the internet, but they rested on their laurels of HD content and no time limits while YT passed them up.

    If this is the best offer they've got, they're sunk.

  5. torda

    Thanks ur posts!
    I read this one " Vimeo GoPro " at first time 😀 To late, a go to bad (I'm from Hungary...)

  6. EXTREMELY disappointed by these caps. I work at a Community TV station and we have probably 200 GB of videos up on Vimeo already. We would have to pay $800+ a year to maintain just a business account when we can still use Vimeo+ and just embed to posts on our website?? Just doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

  7. No thanks. I picked up a V+ account because I had content that was in excess of YouTube's 15 minute limit, but now one of my YouTube accounts has had the limit removed.

    So... Why exactly would I want to be on Vimeo where I have to adhere to their guidelines? And why would I pay $200/year for a 50GB storage cap and 250K plays when YouTube imposes neither limit?

    A video that becomes popular can hit 250K all by itself.

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