Variable Speed Rotating Motorized Product Table

A few weeks ago, I showed an example of a motorized rotating table that can be used for products. It's a great way to add dynamic movement of your products, and I suggest you take a look at that video (found here).

Jay writes in and shares another small rotating product table. This one is not as inexpensive as the one i'm using, but it has better features. The product I use is cheaper, but only has the option for ON/OFF. The little table is rated to support up to 100 lbs (Jay mentioned his kids could stand on the table), and also comes with Variable speed from 1-10RPM.

It may look small from the images, but the specs state the table weighs 35lbs, so it sounds pretty heavy duty. [Thanks for the tip Jay]. If you can dish out a bit more cash, this rotating product table looks pretty good found via Amazon (click here).

Motorized Product Table Variable Speed
find-price-button Variable Speed Rotating Product Table 1-10RPM

7 thoughts on “Variable Speed Rotating Motorized Product Table

  1. Vijay

    I want the rotation moment with a break/stop duration for about 1.5 seconds after every particular rotation of the table. Can suggest any economical way or product for a small scale industry?

  2. Simon

    didn't miss it but have used 220V motors at 120V - sometimes humming and stalling are a problem. I believe this model is fine on either though.

  3. Henry

    Thinking of hitting some garage sales and thrift stores in search of a unwanted vinyl turntable. It won't support 100lbs, but for the budget minded, its an affordable option.

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