Carry Speed New VF-4 LCD View Finder – Now Available

The new Carry Speed VF-4 LCD View Finder was first announced during NAB 2013. The new VF-4 model has improved design and functionality over the popular VF-3 model. Today Carry Speed has announced the VF-4 is officially available for purchase, along with an introductory $50 OFF retail price Coupon (found here).

A few enhancements include compatibility with LCD Screens up to 3.2", repositioned side brackets to allow better access to buttons and dials, angled sunhood for access to touch screen LCDs, and the new VF-4 is slightly lighter in weight but stronger in design. An optional extension bracket is available to fit the VF-4 on taller cameras or camera with battery grip attachments.

More information about the new Carry Speed VF-4 LCD Video View finder can be found at (here)

find-price-button Carry Speed VF-4 LCD View Finder & VF-4 Bundle (with Extension Bracket)

18 thoughts on “Carry Speed New VF-4 LCD View Finder – Now Available

  1. J.P. van Popta

    Yeah I have trouble with the red screws... I lost already one... difficult to thighten in the field, and you loose it easily
    It's not usable on a GH2 which is a shame. I had to create a small 'adapter' myself, just a 'spacer' to make it fit... To bad the concentratede on 'extension' for batterygrips, and not on smaller cams...
    Would help also to add an extra 'band' to thighten the loupe to the camera... now the construction is a bit.... weak IMO.
    I don't really like the eyepiece... to stiff, and... it is juuuust a bit to steep to look in the viewfinder 'correctly'

    Further, nice loupe! Used it in extreme conditions (gailforce winds, rain, hail) and worked perfectly. Didn't even get rain in the viewfinder (which I got with other loupes, lenscoat raincover closes perfectly around the loupe)

  2. sm

    is anyone having trouble with the red screw on the Vf-4? It is too short and will not lock the bracket in place so the viewfinder is loose. Do they seller longer screws? Anyone have a work-around? Carryspeed's website is gone.

  3. I have my own now form ebay.
    But do not line up with the centerline of the lens.
    Great viewfinder but it's a real problem this... problem with the tripod or mounting in my Rig. :/

  4. Dave

    I would like to see photos of this mounted on a GH3, to determine if any of the controls are obstructed.

  5. Darrell Beene

    i ordered your VF-4 bundle and wow what great quality.

    Any chance you have something like this coming out for the Canon C100?

  6. Derek

    Yes, it fits the GH3. Kinda. The viewfinder itself is smaller than the OLED screen, but as you know the entire glass surface is not utilized anyway. So the viewfinder is larger than the effective screen. The issue comes down to fitting it. If you mount and tighten the bottom plate first, it's not happening without a little pressure. The GH3's optical viewer interferes with it ever so slightly. So, if you need to put it on and take it off regularly, it takes a little effort. If you are going to put it on and leave it for most of the day, life is good.

    Now, because it won't go up any higher because of the viewfinder, there is an small light leak on the bottom right, as the left side of the viewfinder is where the pressure is, tweaking it clockwise a little.

    Solution: If you want to be able to remove/replace the viewfinder at will (and without a fight), you will need to space the plate with something about 1/16" thick, also increasing the light-leak space on the bottom unfortunately. Well, that can be fixed too, if you wish to place a piece of black foam inside the viewfinder that will "squish" and block out the light.

    While this is not strictly made for the GH3, it could work with a little effort. Also, the VF4 label/sticker on the top of it, if it was removed, would help with tolerances, as it actually hits the viewfinder before the frame does.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Joe c - It's a very tight fit, and it will be just a hair bigger at the bottom. I'll have something up showing it on my GH3.

  8. Joe c

    Emm, will this work with GH3? I know with VF3 we need to drill holes on the viewfinder frame.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Kyler - It will work when the screen is behind the camera, and when you need to flip the LCD out, this VF-4 is very quick to remove from the baseplate through the quick release.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Chaz Rough - Wow, that was quick. Let me find out when there will be more available.

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