Varavon Lightweight Portable Tripod Track Dolly System

Varavon Portable Track Dolly System

Varavon's latest product is a lightweight portable Tripod Track Dolly system. Most systems work with 1/2" to 1" tracks while the Varavon uses thin solid rails.

The Portable Track breaks down into individual pieces measuring 1m, and can be assembled to achieve over 16ft of run. Longer runs can be setup by purchasing additional track. The hard news is that this new track dolly system starts at over $680 dollars (found here).

Portable Varavon Track DollyVaravon Portable Track Dolly
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9 thoughts on “Varavon Lightweight Portable Tripod Track Dolly System

  1. marklondon

    With dollies/jibs you get what you pay for.
    Wally Dollies are worth every cent. Ask the many people that own them. Also, you ever step up to a major camera it will still be in your kit.
    I have nothing against Varazon, but this doesn't smell good. If you want to buy it, go ahead!

  2. brackets45

    Wally Dolly 3 times the price? For a similar product? Comments here based on never using this one shown, making sweeping statements re a product that also uses similar mechanisms, to say it is far better, smacks of someone who has paid the big money and doesn't like seeing a new lower price option? Painful how wobbly it is??? Really have you used one of these jibs? His footage when he is actually using it rather than supporting it by its end in the setup, is without any wobble at all. Interesting comments as always, but this product and the jib can be folded down and carried on your shoulder, hence this dictates its style of manufacture and construction. Looks interesting to me!

  3. getem

    Personally it's too expensive.......

    People have been using cheap pac pipes as guide rails since the beginning, definitely that's a much better and cheaper option. That tripod then couldn't cost more than $200, at most the jib would be $400. Add that all up and you're looking at $600+.

    If they sold the tracks + jib for $500 they would sell a lot more. We bring our own tripod........

    Finally I've just been using my shoulder rig, tripod and slider. No jib movements for a long time, while I do like jibs the setup takes too long and the end result is many times not worth it. Many professional Music Videos, Commercials and even shorts rarely if ever are using jib movements.......

  4. OldCorpse

    It's just painful how wobbly that jib is - you can see just from the brief display here - moves from side to side, worse than a boat full of epileptics. That said, I suppose if all you want to do is a one time move, you might be able to hide that in a bunch of action footage. I just don't see this as a worthwhile way to spend almost $1K for a few feet of travel, never mind the extra cost for that appalling jib thingie. Speaking of jibs the digital juice folks have a new one, maybe Em wants to review, curious to hear his take:

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