Varavon Birdycam2 3 Axis Gimbal FREE Battery Promotion

Here's a little video (below) on how to use the Varavon Birdycam2 Gimbal Stabilizer in a compact low-mode form factor. The DJI Ronin has a setting in which you would turn the handle sideways in which they call this 'Briefcase Mode'. If we are to compare size and weight to the DJI Ronin, I guess for the Varavon it would be more like 'small handbag' mode? I'll leave it up to you guys to come up with a better name..

While I still think the DJI Ronin is worth every bit for anyone working with a camera larger than a C100, the Varavon Birdycam2 should not be left out of the equation. This is definitely a gimbal that should be considered for anyone with smaller cameras looking to travel with the most portable, lightweight, and compact gear. The entire unit is literally small enough to fit inside a normal backpack (including it's own stand). In the video i'm using a Tokina 11-16mm on the GH4 which is still far from the max capacity the Birdycam2 can handle. In fact I had to bring my PID settings down to around 23 for this setup.

In any case, if you are still considering the Varavon Birdycam2 Gimbal they are currently offering a FREE Extra Battery Promotion ($200 dollar value / limit one per customer). You'll need to upload some type of video across a few social networks to qualify, and this deal ends in just a few weeks. For more information you can check them out at their website (click here).

Varvon Birdycam Gimbal Deal Free Battery

16 thoughts on “Varavon Birdycam2 3 Axis Gimbal FREE Battery Promotion

  1. I have a birdy cam 2 and no matter what I do, the gimbal keeps wanting to rotate around and face me. It's becoming quite annoying to walk around and always use the joy stick to keep the camera facing forward.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Curtis - Pretty easy for the follow mode. What you want to do is go into the software choose one of the profiles (example: choose profile 3) where you 'don't want follow', go into the follow tab and disable it. Now every time you switch to profile 3 you will no longer have follow mode. In the software if you 'turn on follow mode' (example: Profile 1), then everytime you switch to profile 1 you will have follow mode enabled.

  3. Curtis


    I recently purchased a Birdycam and I've been struggling with a couple things:
    1. Is there a way to program one of the modes so the Birdycam always points directly ahead and doesn't follow the operator if they shift a bit to the left or right? I basically want the Birdycam to be locked forward so I can get shots moving quickly towards a subject without the camera drifting.
    2. How do I get the camera into briefcase mode?

    Thanks Emm.

  4. @Ed

    I got a Blackbird stabilizer (steadicam knockoff) and have done over 2000 real estate videos with it. I actually sold my steadicam because the blackbird was much better for me.

    Knockoffs can be great if you just do your homework and pick what is best for you.

  5. mike_tee_vee

    Ed, I'm in the same boat. What discouraged me from using the Flycam more often was the endless micro-adjustments needed to balance, and the steep learning curve on actually flying the rig. Maybe these gimbals will solve these issues?

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Christian - Sounds like it would be fine on both the Varavon Birdycam and the Ronin. If that's about all the weight you think you'd be working with the Birdycam is much easier to handle and travel with. If you plan to go with a bigger camera at some point then I would go with the Ronin, but I think you'll find it can quickly become a burden when you're just working with a small camera.

  7. Ed

    These gimbals sure look cool, but I remember not too long ago, I got very excited by all those steadicam wannabes - you know, the Glidecam stabilizer and the Flycam etc,. And you know what? My Flycam is sitting in the back of my closet gathering dust. It never turned out to be much more than a toy I got bored of.

  8. @Emm

    IT would be the Sony A7s with metabones adaptor and a canon 17-40.

    Dees the autotune feature really save that much time balancing the ronin vs the birdycam? I have read a few reviews saying it doesnt work that great and you have o manually balance anyway.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Christian - This really depends on the camera. If you are working with a small camera like a BMPCC, then it just makes sense to me to with the Birdycam.

  10. Hey Emm,

    What would you say is better, the birdycam or the dji ronin?

    I see the dji ronin has an autotune feature.....does this make it easier to balance than the birdycam?

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Louis - Actually the only one ever released to the public was called the 'Birdycam2'. They showed off the Birdycam at a show and never released that product. Since the first time showing it, they have made so many changes, it was no longer the same product. To prevent people from referencing the old videos, when they finally made this product available to the public they called the Birdycam2 (not the same as the Birdycam from the exhibits/shows). Anyone who was purchased it has the 'Birdycam2' model.

  12. Louis

    Help me understand this, there is now a Birdycam2? When it first came out it was called Birdycam. Is there something new with the Birdycam2?

  13. I really wanted to buy the birdycam, because of the size and weight, but after tax and shipping it was going to come out to $2,600. I ended up going with the Ronin even though it might be overkill. I got the Ronin for just $300 more at BH for $2,999 tax free w/ free shipping. I just felt safer going with something that was in stock at BH. I got it for the Gh4/3.

    If it's overkill I will send it back or put it on ebay.

    In that case I will go with the birdycam.

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