Transcend 32GB SDHC Class 10

I thought $1 dollar/GB was affordable just a few months ago, but now prices on these Transcend 32GB Class 10 SDHC cards are down even further. These are a main staple of media we use in all of cameras and have been highly reliable. I consistently throw them into any point and shoot camera, camcorder, and even shoot video through the 5D Mark III with these. If you're in the need for new SDHC media, check it out. Currently a Transcend 32GB SDHC Class 10 card will only run you $20 dollar via B&H (Click Here)

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12 thoughts on “Transcend 32GB SDHC Class 10

  1. Jonas

    What's the disadvantage to use these instead of the compact flash card for canon 5 d mark iii? I'll be filming and not use it for high speed shooting

  2. Jason

    The only card Ive ever used on my shoots. 2 years strong now and never failed.

    I own 3x 32gb and 5x 16gbs. All work fantastic

  3. Joel

    @Rob S.- If the listing says "Ships from and sold by" you should be safe. I buy Transcend cards from Amazon with (with that listing statement)and have had no problems.

  4. Rob S.

    I used to buy cards off Amazon but heard there are counterfeits floating around on there. Anybody ever run into that? I only buy my cards from B&H these days and the price is usually comparable to Amazon and with free ship.

  5. Michael Scarn

    Just purchased 2 16GB cards at Amazon for half the price. I like the risk to convenience ratio that 16GB cards have. I probably should change them out as often as 8GB cards, but foresee instances where I could run out of space without knowing it 😮

  6. Mike

    I agree with Emm. Lots of Chinese/Taiwan fakes and scams with the Transcends on EBay. I've been a victim myself. I've bought half dozen off of amazon in 16GB and just purchased a 32GB recently. No problems here!

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Jorge Gonzalez - Transcend is 95% of the cards I use on my cameras (and I own quite a bit of cameras). It's also the main cards most of the people I work with use. The only thing I can suggest is that you don't buy from random places or even eBay. There's too many counterfeit cards that look like Transcend. There's software out there you can use to verify serial numbers, but your best bet is to buy from someone like B&H or Amazon only. If you purchased yours from eBay you most likely have a counterfeit.

  8. Mike

    I just got my 32GB delivered. I bought from the Amazo link. Excellent price! Thanks Emm!

  9. J Hanna

    Just ordered one. I love the 32s when I shoot two camera. When I do one camera I like 16gb's so there's a dump of footage every so often.

  10. Cool! 2 of these are cheaper than 1 64GB now. :3 Their 16GB works great with my GH2 and Canis Majoris Night hack at about 98mpbs. Wondering if I should test my luck and wait for a 64GB price drop... :3

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