Examples with CPL RX100 Filter

Here's another video showing you how those new ND or CPL filters will work when in use with point and shoot cameras. Keep in mind that i'm still working with prototype versions, so end quality in design and glass will be much better. The ring i've attached to the Sony RX100 was originally designed for the smaller lens of the HX20V, but I was was able to use the filters without obstructing the widest focal length of the RX100. As soon as they become available, i'll let you know who you can purchase these from. For updates, please follow me on Twitter.

ND CPL filter Sony RX100ND CPL Filter RX100 Filter Point and Shoot

The RX100 so far has been a better replacement over many of the other cameras i've been using including the Canon S100, HX9V, or HX20V. Check out the RX100 over (click here).

Sony RX100 Camera
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36 thoughts on “Examples with CPL RX100 Filter

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  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Max - Due to customer feedback, the threaded filter will be released first which can be used with either ND, CPL, or Gradient etc. Once everyone is settled with Photokina the product should be available.

  3. Max

    @Emm - thanks a lot for your reply! I look forward reading your article. Could you please advise if there is anywhere I can purchase the ND filter today? The MTAR sounds great, but I'm primarily in need of the ND. Thanks for you time.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Max - I'll have another article soon about the new MagFilter Threaded Adapter Ring. With this you can use any filter of your choice. ND and CPL are two different types of filters. ND is like window tinting and cuts the light coming through the lens. Polarizer (CPL) is used to correct for polarized light (glare, reflections) which can often improve color in the sky, in water, leaves, and shiny objects.

  5. Max

    I'm trying to buy a filter for my RX100 to shoot long exposure in daylight. I don't get it: are the CPL and ND separate filters, or is it the same? And please, please let me know where I can buy it!

  6. Carroll Lam

    It would really be nice if the magnetic base was such that it stayed on the camera and different screw-in filters could be screwed into it. The each-filter-type-requires-its-own magnetic-base means that we have to buy a base for each filter and also will not able to use currently-owned screw-in filters.

    I realize that the current design brings in more money by requiring us to purchase new filters just to get the neat magnetic base attachment but it is overall wasteful of our resources.

    I have seen another adhesive mount system on the internet that just attaches the base to the camera and lets one to use normal screw-in filters of choice. But I really like the magnetic attaching method better.

  7. Adriano

    As soon as filters ready. Who will be selling?

    Your website? Amazon?

    Do you have already any additional info about the material, quality etc?


  8. Calisson

    This looks very interesting!

    Who is producing the actual filters? I am wondering because I assume the quality of the glass matters.

    Also any idea how much the kit will cost?

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @JohnGee - It is not available now, that was the sample prototypes. I now have the final versions and it sounds like it will be available in the next week.

  10. JohnGee

    OK, If this is available for the HX9V and it works as shown above where can we get the HX9 filter setup...now??

  11. Count me in for these when they become available. I love the magnetic aspect. I simply attached an empty 49mm filter ring to a cap from a shampoo bottle that fitted nicely over the extended lens and presto! Just screw the filter required into the empty ring - no vignetting of any kind. The only down side is remembering to remove it before you switch the camera off. Come on guys, until the "real deal" is available, use what's to hand...

  12. urban

    i'd love to get one of these. best would be the ability to screw whatever filter one needs on top of the magnetic adapter

  13. How many stops does the ND filter go to?
    Can you attach both? I'd love to be able to long expose water for cream with the RX100!

  14. fishy

    Cheesy. love to get a Pair. for the Sony HX9 or 20v. exactly waht is hte size we need , til lthis comes available and When . I got time

  15. Tristan

    I live in Toronto, Canada. I have Sony RX100 and I am interested in buying the CPL filters for point and shoot the ones that mentioned here in the video. Could you please let me know where I can buy this CPL filters for point and shoot in Canada?


  16. Emm

    Post author

    @Gerald L. Stevens - I don't have that information, because it's not released yet. There will be more information from the supplier when it becomes available.

  17. Gerald L. Stevens

    Sure wish you would answer questions posted in comments. That would be nice. How to contact you? What is the cost? How to order? When available? Are filters stackable? What brand filters are used? What is the quality of the filters?

  18. gl

    Will this be out before the end of the month? Going on a trip and the CP would be super helpful!

  19. Jarrett

    Sick. I'll take a variable nd and stackable polarizer please!
    Anybody wanna buy a Gini rig and an hx9v? I'm all in on the rx 100.

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