TIZA DSLR Slate for iPad

Here's another digital slate for use with the Apple iPad. Looks pretty straight forward to use, and there's a nice feature to send an email of your scene. Right now it's listed for just $1.99 through the App Store. For more information or questions about the product you can visit them at https://tizaslate.com.

TIZA DLSR Slate for iPad

6 thoughts on “TIZA DSLR Slate for iPad

  1. i've wanted a clapper app for a bit and so when I saw the price point on this I picked it up asap. i've played around with it and it seems pretty useful with some good settings and controls. i'll be sure to use it on my upcoming shoot but to be honest, the idea of taking my ipad out on location as a clap board really doesn't appeal to me all of the sudden.

  2. I have at least 5 of these on my Ipad, two of which I bought and never use. 80% of my shoots are shot on the 5DIII, and this app.is more geared for us shooters in mind.

  3. I'll drop my 2 cents here, During a recent 4 day shoot, we used 2 tablets with an Android slate App. The glare from the screen often made it useless and the "clapper" noise was not really loud enough for syncing. I would not recommend an app vs a real slate.

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