F&V Milk Diffusion Filter Now Available for Z96 LED Video Light

The Milk Diffusion filter is one of the most common add-ons people will purcahase along with the new F&V R-300 LED Ring light. Now they've added the Milk Diffusion Filter option for their popular on camera Z96 LED Video light. I still see people rockin' the Z96s so this will be a great addition to your kits over the standard diffuser. Check it out at the product page (Click Here)

Z96 LED Video Light Milk Filter Diffusion
find-price-button F&V New Milk Diffusion Filter for Z96 LED Video Lights

9 thoughts on “F&V Milk Diffusion Filter Now Available for Z96 LED Video Light

  1. jc

    @Mark no code required, but you do have to register and be logged in to see the discount. Just add 2 to cart.

  2. Pour guy

    J Hanna I'm with you, I bought mine for 60$ two years ago. Now costs 100$ more!!!!!!!!!

  3. itsjohnny2

    I got two and they have an offer of buy 1 get 1 free. Total $19 with free shipping.

  4. iP337

    $20 for a little piece of plastic is not cheap, I need three of these and even if they were $5 a pop I'd rather wrap my light in a piece of silk.


    ...I'm seeing a lot more purchase solutions on this site now a days, just saying.

    Emm, can't we just spray paint our "useless diffusers" to "milk" them up? If so, what shade and make would you suggest?


  5. J Hanna

    Is their z96 different than the one I bought for 59 bucks like 2 years ago? I mean, I don't mind paying 19$ for a milk diffuser. That's great. But DAMN. $170 for a light that used to sell for 59 at it's highest?!
    That's just nuts.

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