The Luxli Timpani is a Versatile 1×1 RGBAW LED Panel

One of the items i've made a habit of bringing to my projects are RGB LED Lights. You never know when a splash of color could add something different to an otherwise plain video clip. The Timpani is one of the latest (and largest light) available from the Luxli company who specializes in RGB LED lighting. But instead of bringing a different set of lights for interviews, and a different set for accent lighting, the Timpani is all inclusive. So it keeps things simple when your packing for your next project.

The Timpani carries very high CRI Ratings at any color temperature, but can be switched over to RGB mode for any type of HUE. Along with the RGB color choice, there are built in FX that can be used to add creativity with your projects. The Timpani is able to control these effects right from the LED Light. With previous Luxli lights, the FX Modes could only be controlled through a smartphone app.

The output is bright enough to be used a key in talking head interviews, or even as a fill light outdoors (when walked in closer to your subject). Build quality is top notch which is mostly aluminum that acts as a heat sink. So it's dead silent as there are no noisy fans to worry about. The Timpani's user interface and controls are easy to navigate, and with the Smartphone app it's even easier to choose a color, adjust brightness, or modify your FX.

If there is anything I would knock, it would be the Yoke mount and that it doesn't include even a soft case. The Yoke mount holds fine once you lock it down, but adjusting it to various angles with the 4 knobs takes a bit of fiddling. It's not a cheap LED light, and it would have been nice if there was at least a soft case to prevent any scratches. I'm still trying to figure out a good case to use with the Timpani so if you have any suggestions let me know. But so far, the Luxli Timpani has been one of the most versatile LED lights i've had the chance to work with. Anytime I need to use a light for any reason, the Luxli Timpani has been able to fit into any project. The Luxli Timpani is available now (click here).

crystal 800 wireless Luxli Timpani 1x1 RGBAW LED Light

4 thoughts on “The Luxli Timpani is a Versatile 1×1 RGBAW LED Panel

  1. Colin

    Tenba has a good set of semi-hard padded bags that can hold LEDs like this. Not inexpensive but built to last, and the interior can be modified.

  2. Jason

    Hi, great review. Did you find a good case for the Timpani?

    Also interested in if you found a good case for the Cello?

  3. !!! Definitely want. What would make me replace my Westcott Flex LED 1x1s is if this was in the Flex LED form loll They’re the easiest lights to pack and the only gripe is that you have to assemble it (x-bracket + few wires to connect). Despite that, being able to fit 2 1x1s in my carry-on with my camera setup is just too damn convenient lol

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