Syrp Magic Carpet Pro Slider with Integrated Flywheel

Syrp is a company well known for their motion control setups such as the Genie II and Magic Carpet slider. Their latest video slider the Magic Carpet 'Pro' has been designed to produce supremely smooth tracking moves with much heavier camera weights of up to 70lbs / 32kg. The new design incorporates tool-less set up with the added benefits of an integrated Flywheel, a patent-pending Quick Release System, and the ability to connect multiple Tracks together for longer tracking movements.

There are no loose parts that could potentially get lost during setups. No thumb knobs, no drive belts, etc. The Carriage-integrated Flywheel keeps your tracking shots smooth as it ramps up rotation and ramps down at the end of your movement. Best of all, the flywheel can be de-activated with a press of a button.

[Syrp Magic Carpet Pro Integrated Flywheel]

Each Magic Carpet Pro comes with precision-machined Track Joiners, enabling you to infinitely add length. Adding or removing a set of extension rails is simple and quick using just a locking lever. The Magic Carpet Pro legs (used for leveling on an uneven surface) also attach at the end of the rails through locking levers, and adjustments of each leg of the slider adjusts quickly through a locking lever of it's own.

[Syrp Quick Adjustments Locking Lever]

The Quick Release System attaches to your tripod head so that you can setup or pack down with ease. The End Caps work with the classic rope system design to be used with the Syrp Genie or Genie II for integrating motion control. At each end is a small roller wheel that can be used to attach a counterbalance weight when going vertical with your movements.

[Syrp Quick Release]

The Magic Carpet Pro slider is available in a 2' (60cm) and 3' (90cm) length, and a combo package which includes both 2' and 3' rails is also available for up to 5' of travel. You can find more information about the new Syrp Magic Carpet Pro video slider (here).

Syrp Magic Carpet Pro Video Slider Flywheel
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