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The BLUESHAPE BUBBLEPACK 65Wh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack with Charger provides several flexible rigging options for equipping your camera with a larger capacity power solution. It features a 65 Wh capacity and is intended for small to medium-sized productions. The rigging options revolve around a rail plate attached on top of the battery and a 1/4"-20 thread available on the bottom. A mini camera plate is included to be attached on the bottom of your camera, cage, or various rod clamps, and the BUBBLEPACK simply slides onto this plate via the rail plate. The 1/4"-20 thread on the bottom of the BUBBLEPACK allows you to mount the battery along with your camera or rig on a tripod, securely with up to 7 lb of load. A quick release handle on the side of the rail plate lets you slide the BUBBLEPACK off.

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The BUBBLE PACK features two standard 14.8V nominal P-Tap outputs and two proprietary B-Tap outputs offering user selectable voltages of 8.4V and 11.1V output. Depending on your camera's voltage, you can use either the standard or proprietary connectors using an appropriate cable. One B-Tap to raw port cable is included and can be configured with the connector of your choice. The unused connectors can be used to power accessories at the same time as the camera. A compact wall charger is included and provides a full charge in approximately two hours. The BUBBL EPACK features a 4 LED gauge that displays remaining battery life.

An optional BLUESHAPE V-Bracket Adapter or Belt-Mount Adapter can also be used for attaching the BUBBLEPACK to a V-mount plate or wearing it around your waist. A large selection of BLUESHAPE P-Tap adapter cables is also optionally available for connecting the BUBBLEPACK to your camera.

A large selection of BLUESHAPE P-Tap adapter cables is also optionally available for connecting the BUBBLEPACK to your camera.

blueshape battery bubblepackblue shape battery mount under camera bubble pack
blueshape v-mount battery BLUESHAPE BUBBLEPACK 65 Wh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack


Most people have heard about Gen Energy V-Mount Batteries earlier this year at NAB or the Cinegear Expo touting their 'Shock Proof (drop proof)' design, but here's a quick video talking about other clever features you'll find in these V-Mount batteries.

Outside of feeling confident you won't break your battery throwing it around in your gear bag, I like the Gen Energy's ability to reset the protection out in the field (without placing it back on a charger), and how you're able to leave the Battery Meter LED Lights on. This can be handy if you have it working on an LED Light and you need to glance at the power from a distance.

The little features found in Gen Energy batteries definitely give a sense that this company has an attention to detail and are working hard to put out a high quality v-mount battery. When comparing the price + capacity versus other popular brands, I would say it's pretty much comparable. It's neither cheap nor expensive. But if you're specifically looking for a robust battery with exceptional battery management built in, I see no reason not to consider the Gen Energy v-mounts -
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kayo maxtar v-mount batteries

Here's another generous sponsored Giveaway from Kayo Maxtar also branded as MAXOAK. This company specializes in various batteries including V-Mount Batteries. The 177Wh version has a Full 5 star rating with customers on Amazon (seen here).

The problem with the 177Wh size of course is that it is too large to take on airlines. It exceeds the 160Wh capacity. So Kayo Maxtar has allowed us to to give away (3) of their 158Wh V-Mount batteries. Still lots of capacity for extra long run time, but just under the max limit for Airlines.

So here's how it works. Last time we used a countdown method, but some people felt they may have had a slight time difference to have a fair chance. So this time (3) Unique Coupon Codes will be POSTED UP HERE on March 25th, Friday evening between 7-8pm (California PST). Not all codes will be posted at once, it will be random throughout that hour, so you'll just have to check in.

Some notes: Now while anyone is free to participate, the coupon codes are specifically for Amazon.com (US) and need to be used during your checkout with this product only. One coupon = 1 item. Only 1 item per customer. Price should be $0.00 during the checkout (except shipping).

Now if you've managed to use a coupon code successfully, leave a comment back here. It would be great to know who was able to get one, and which codes were used. Good Luck! Remember to check back at this article on March 25th, Friday evening between 7-8pm (California PST).

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Our sponsor has surprised us with three new additional coupon codes. When new codes are created, they are in Pending Status for a few hours. So we will post 3 Additional codes tomorrow for the 158Wh V-Mount batteries tomorrow morning between 10-12pm.

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kayo maxtar v-mount batteries 158Wh
Kayo Maxtar MAXOAK 158Wh V-Mount Battery with D-Tap USB Includes Charger



The Sony A7sII in a CAME-TV Cage, Kayo Maxtar V-Mount Battery, Juicedlink RM333, Shape Follow Focus, BlackMagic Video Assist Monitor, Lanparte MatteBox,
Rokinon Cine DS Lens.


CAME-TV is probably best known for offering affordable gimbal systems, but they sell just about anything from LED Lights, to Video Rig accessories. A short while ago, I shared a video about a CAME-TV Cage for the Sony A7s, and to follow up i'm giving an overview of three other CAME-TV cages for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, Panasonic GH4, and Canon DSLR.

Towards the end, there's a look at the CAMETV 15mm Rails, Shoulder Pad, Front Handles, Follow Focus, Lens Support, MatteBox, and V-Mount Power Adapter.

With the exception of the large Canon DSLR Cage, the other cages for the A7s, GH4, and BMPCC are custom 'form fitted'. This means there is very little size difference from the camera body itself making it easy to pack away.

Once you have your camera in these form-fitted cages, there's no reason you'll ever need to take them out. Removing the top handle and 15mm base adapter is a quick knob (no tools). You can add a QR plate directly to the cage without the base adapter if you want to run minimally.

Each cage also comes with an HDMI pinch, which is one of the most important tools to have if using an external HDMI monitor. It will prevent accidental disconnections and may even save your camera's HDMI port from possible damage.

Below are a few direct links to some of the products shown in the video (above). These are just a few bits of equipment that is offered, but besides the CAME-TV branded equipment, you'll also find other familiar top brand names such as Tilta, F&V, MOVCAM, LanParte, and more found at https://CAME-TV.com

came-tv bmpcc gh4 sony a7s cage came-tv bmpcc gh4 sony a7s cages
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV Camera Cages Sony Panasonic Canon BMPCC

Panasonic GH4 RigSony A7s Rig
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV Shoulder Rig Kits

came-tv matteboxmattebox dual filter tray swing out came-tv
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV 4X4 Dual Tray ABS MatteBox Top + Side Flags

15mm Rig Lens Support
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV 15mm Universal Lens Support Height Adjustable

came-tv follow focus kit
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV Follow Focus FF-01 With A/B Hard Stops For 15mm Rod

V-mount battery Plate Adapter
Learn-More-sm CAME-TV VM02 V-Mount Battery Plate Include Connection Cable