Rigged up Sony A7sII Camera

The Sony A7sII in a CAME-TV Cage, Kayo Maxtar V-Mount Battery, Juicedlink RM333, Shape Follow Focus, BlackMagic Video Assist Monitor, Lanparte MatteBox,
Rokinon Cine DS Lens.

2 thoughts on “Rigged up Sony A7sII Camera

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @WK Wong - I actually took the mount off of a CAME-TV V-Lock Power Adapter, and then used high strength epoxy to mount it on to a 15mm cheese plate. It's of my own design but way more solid than the articulating mount that was on there before.

  2. WK Wong

    Nice setup - wondering what v-lock battery mount/splitter are you using on the back, and is it one you highly recommend?

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