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This might seem unconventional, but it will all make sense once you understand how this works. With so many laws from different countries about participating in Contests, Sweepstakes, and Random Drawing Giveaways, we had to get a little more creative to be able to give back to our followers. Technically speaking, we are not holding a contest or random drawing sweepstake. There is no judging involved or submissions to participate. We're simply asking you to buy something - for FREE.

[When this timer expires 5 Coupon Codes will be Revealed]

Some people were unhappy about not being able to grab a code, so as a consolation AspenMics.com is offering a 30% CODE on select items. But this code is ONLY GOOD FOR ONE DAY.

30% OFF Code: OneDayOffer

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Recently out of stock, the ApsenMics.com lavaliers are back and available now for a discounted price (or while supplies last). I've been using these lavalier microphones for months, either with my Zoom H1 or even iPhone. If you'd like to hear audio samples from this mic, there's an excellent review over at their web blog (here).

The Lavalier microphones are available in both Stereo and Mono versions, along with a TRRS Adapter Kit that allows you to use the Stereo LAV with your iPhone or Android as portable audio recorders. With a 14 day return policy if you're not satisfied, and a full 5 Year product warranty you can't go wrong. If you want to capture better audio and don't own a Lav mic, now is a great time to stock up (find it here).

AspenMics Lavalier Sale
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