Coupon Codes for Five FREE AspenMics Lavalier Microphones


This might seem unconventional, but it will all make sense once you understand how this works. With so many laws from different countries about participating in Contests, Sweepstakes, and Random Drawing Giveaways, we had to get a little more creative to be able to give back to our followers. Technically speaking, we are not holding a contest or random drawing sweepstake. There is no judging involved or submissions to participate. We're simply asking you to buy something - for FREE.

[When this timer expires 5 Coupon Codes will be Revealed]

Some people were unhappy about not being able to grab a code, so as a consolation is offering a 30% CODE on select items. But this code is ONLY GOOD FOR ONE DAY.

30% OFF Code: OneDayOffer

Coupon codes can be applied to the following products at page (HERE)


38 thoughts on “Coupon Codes for Five FREE AspenMics Lavalier Microphones

  1. @nick - I don't believe any of the mics were out of stock, but the coupons are limited to one time use. I'll see if there's another way we could do stuff like this, but many people from different areas (and different ages) are not allowed to participate in random drawing type events or events in which you have judging. We're always looking for better ways to allow everyone to participate, so we'll keep thinking about this. Perhaps instead of posting all at once, we can post codes between a select time of several hours - not exactly stating when. Example: Between 5pm - 9pm codes will begin appearing one by one.

  2. EM: i didn't mean to imply that it was BS on your part - just seemed kind of fishy that they were out of stock. Apparently one person did get a mic, but it appeared as though apsen didn't have any mics in stock. the first coupon i used said it had already been used, the second one said it was valid, but that all the mics were out of stock so I couldn't use it. Sounded quite fishy. For those who actually took the time to stake out the site until the final countdown, it would seem more fair, to have the first handful of people have a random drawing to get the mics. Maybe thats just me because it seems it comes down to who ever lives closest for the quickest connection to the server.

  3. tony anastasi

    lmao - my timer just ran out now haha.. wondering why it jumped an hour forward.. i know.. CHINA! bwahaha.. 4am and still havent worked out my address to order the phone lav mic thingy.. darn it!

  4. tony anastasi

    lmao - my timer just ran out now haha.. wondering why it jumped an hour forward.. i know.. CHINA! bwahaha..

  5. manfesto

    @nick I did the same thing, I'm assuming a bunch of us were, so it must've come down to who had the fastest fingers or fastest internet connection.

  6. @Jon - Hey awesome, congrats! Glad many were able to participate, but i'll try to find ways of perfecting these offers, and allowing everyone to feel like they had an equal chance.

  7. @nick - Sorry you think it's total BS, but it's not. 5 individuals really got the item. Heck I would have to say it's better than a Random Drawing where you have no input at all. It's not perfect, but it gave many an equal chance to participate. Rather than calling BS, If you have any ideas on how we can make this better, let me know. Perhaps I should release 100 random coupon codes in which only a few are valid?

  8. @Anony - They said 5 people placed an order. Hopefully they will comment back on here, but the coupons were indeed used. I'm thinking of other ways to make this fair instead of a random drawing which can't be controlled. So the next deal may be something different other than a countdown.

  9. Spike


    I recently purchased a Tascam DR-22WL recorder and was looking into cheap lav mics as I have a pretty low budget. Winning this helps me a ton. AGAIN, THANK YOU TO ASPENMICS AND CHEESYCAM, I hope to see more giveaways in the future.

  10. Jeremy

    Well that really sucked. The page kept refreshing to the comments section because I left a comment earlier and wouldnt let me scroll up. fml

  11. Aidar

    Thanks for the chance mate, didn't work for me.
    I'm not from US so it asked me to change the address as soon as I applied the code. Though code worked, it was claimed by somebody else while I tried it shipped somewhere in US

  12. Anony

    Bogus. Page refreshed, I copied a code and submitted it within 10 seconds of them appearing and it had already reached its limit... same case for the other 4... I'm sure people weren't able to get the codes before the timer finished... Right lol

  13. Jose

    @Emm, you need to find a better countdown...
    [When this timer expires 5 Coupon Codes will be Revealed]
    That didn't happen, instead all i was seeing was a negative counter (-1, -2, -3, etc...) for the seconds...
    Congrats, to those of you who were actually hitting the F5 instead 😉

  14. Scam. Waited until the very last second and already had the mics in my cart and card info typed in. When i used the coupon, all the mics were sold out. Complete BS.

  15. Iggy

    Funny how they were all used up the exact moment the page displayed the codes. Congrats to The Flash, Reverse Flash and any other Speedsters on their purchase! lol

  16. Mark K

    Was anyone successful? Im on a T3 line at work and within 5 seconds after the codes had appeared all of the codes were used : (

  17. tony anastasi

    thats ok - its for example 9pm here right now in china lol.. has no idea what time 12pm PST California Time is.. but the five hour count down is handy !

    plus i just remembered while hitting refresh.. , yeah i've been here in china for the last five years, but i do not actually know my address in any case haha.. cheers

  18. @Peter - Sorry guys. It's not supposed to post until 12pm PST California Time (Wednesday March 16th). Still have a few more hours to go. Sorry, but the date in the video is very clear, the counter was off.

  19. @Tony Anastasi - Ah something was weird with the counter, sorry guys. But it's not supposed to post until 12pm PST California Time (Wednesday March 16th). Still have a few more hours to go. Sorry, but the date in the video is very clear, the counter was off.

  20. tony anastasi

    dont think that worked out at all mate.. sat here waiting, watched the counter count down.. then.... nothing at all happens.. the counter is gone but no codes nothing lols.. nice try though

  21. @lolicht - True, maybe i'll find a happy medium between US and Europe. I was only thinking about what time I wake up to make sure I'm on time too!

    Glad you like the idea, it's a new thing I don't think has even been done and is a nice way for everyone to participate regardless of local laws. Announcing it prior, setting a standard time/date, and posting in one central place is I think a fair way to share the info, so that people don't rely on waiting for an email or missing a tweet.

    It's not the most elegant way of doing things, but i'm trying. I'm still trying to find ways to make this more streamlined and simpler.

  22. That's great ! But this give-away is going to be harder to follow for europeans as it'll take place in the middle of the night ... I hope you'll be fair and set the time of entry at 12AM PST next time 😉

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