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Lexerd Screen Protector

Finally had time to add the Lexerd LCD screen protector on the Sony NEX-7. The Lexerd is a thin film screen protector, much like you would use on your iPhone. Easy to apply, comes with all the right tools. There are other hard plastic screen protectors, but some may introduce more glare. The thin film type works for me on this camera.

NEX-7 ViewFinder Loupe LCD

NEX-7 Loupe

NEX-7 View Finder

Afterwards, I decided to install a cheap 16x9 LCD Loupe for those bright days when I want to pixel peep and review my photos or video. There aren't very many options for viewfinders to fit the very wide 16x9 LCD of the Sony NEX-7, so I just grabbed a cheap one on eBay which works well to block out any light and to magnify the screen. This one fits perfectly without cropping any of the view. It might not be the best on the market, but it beats trying to cover the LCD with my hand.

Sony NEX7 ViewFinder
find-price-button NEX-7 16x9 Wide Screen LCD ViewFinder

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