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So Canon has announced the Rebel T2i and it's causing quite a stir. Especially for those that invested in the Canon 7D recently strictly as a Video camera. Rumors are the T2i is supposed to resemble the Canon 7D video features including framerates, resolution, and ISO settings. Some are labeling it the 'Mini 7D'.

The T2i to be released at $799.00

If that's the case, why go Canon 7D? Well if you're a Hybrid photographer/videographer then I say go Canon 7D. The 7D still holds faster framerates (photos), a more durable body & better weather proofing. There's probably a few more items that still make it the better photo/video camera, but if you're looking into just Video don't second guess that T2i.

The 7D sells for approx. $1699.00