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Wow, huge milestone on Amazon. Someone just dropped me a line about the 7" monitor I posted about earlier. They said they were able to get it from an Amazon seller. A reputable seller who's been shipping Lilliput monitors for years is now carrying the 7" HDMI version. Not that you couldn't find a USA seller before, but normally that meant a huge marked up price. The milestone here is that you can now pick it up from Amazon for the same price instead of waiting on Hong Kong shipping.

Oh and don't forget that you'll need a portable power option. Many people have already taken my advice on Portable power and picked up some of the Black and Decker battery packs featured in my video here: http://cheesycam.com/?p=215

Other options for Portable Power can be the Duracell Powersource Mobile. I haven't tried these, but others have purchased it with their monitors.