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These hardware interfaces (push buttons, dials, sliders) are modular for anyone to build out a custom hardware controller for certain apps. Each section can be reorganized and combined via magnets. Right now they are working closely with Adobe for controlling Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premiere. Software will allow you to map each control interface. Will be available at PaletteGear.com.

$149 for the FULL BOXED VERSION (just $79 upgrade) for Adobe's latest Photoshop Lightroom 5 is not a bad deal. For those who are still stuck on LR3 the price might finally be worth the upgrade. The new Adobe LR5 is available for pre-order following the link (click here)

find-price-button Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Software MAC or Windows

[Update] If you want the immediate download, here's a link to purchase for immediate download: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/983326-REG/Adobe_65215298_PHOTOSHOP_LIGHTROOM_5_.html

Knock about $400 Dollars Offthis bundle of Photoshop CS6 + Adobe Lightroom 4 via B&H. I believe this insane discount will end tomorrow though. Check it out following the link (Click Here).

find-price-button Adobe Lightroom 4 + Adobe Photoshop CS6 Discount Bundle


Sometimes you get too caught up with high end DSLR's, you tend to forget the awesome abilities of the little GoPro HD. This camera has laid out a nice portfolio of things no DSLR camera would dare to venture. Here's another one from VERB TV about the sport of FlowRiding, put together by Jason Johnson cranking out what looks like a faux 1000fps from the little cam. Details of the video below, but you might want to catch this video in full HD over at the YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWQRhqxM5xs

Mission Beach San Diego, a place called Wave House.
Edited in Premiere Pro CS5, After Effects CS5 and Photoshop CS5
Twixtor within After Effects for the super super slow mo.
Everything else was shot at 60fps slowed down to 24fps in Premiere as a baseline for the footage.

Time to dust off the old GoPro and throw some footage into After Effects.. [Thanks Jason]

If you're shooting DSLR video, you know the current workflow is to render the original files out to another format before you'll get smoother playback during editing. Well Adobe's recognized this workflow and has created the new 'Mercury Playback Engine' in CS5. Adobe's new CS5 suite of tools also includes updates to InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, and even Premiere Pro. The new applications are written for native 64bit and with the Mercury Playback Engine, it should play any video file from DSLR's to Sony XDCam super smooth.

The new Photoshop CS5 also has some awesome new features with Conten-Aware Fill, Selection tools, and a better HDR Pro tool. Whether you're a photographer or videographer, check out the videos above and below for some exciting new reasons why you should grab the new CS5 Suite.