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There's currently discounts going (today only) for various types of Sandisk Media. Sucks because I just paid for a 32GB MicroSD Card for my new Samsung Galaxy IV cellphone and GoPro Hero3. I could have used these deals a few days ago. Check it out via B&H and remember it's for today only (found here)

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I've been using the Zoom H1 and Tascam DR-08 as 'body packs' instead of using a Wireless setup. I'm still using the old Audio Technica ATR-3350 Lavalier Microphone setup, and I have to say that i'm quite happy with the workflow. You just can't beat this combination for the price and speed in getting things setup. For more demanding audio, of course I have a different set of tools. In my book, I found a clear winner as far as the type of work this combination is being used for, and it's the Zoom H1. Why? Leaving it at the highest bitrate for basic short audio capture provides you under 1 hour on a 2GB microSD card and they both work great. You can drop down the audio bitrate and grab yourself more time, but what if you really need even more? Well I just shot a few events in which this setup was used, so to be safe we needed to go with the 8GB MicroSD Cards that I showed in this post: http://cheesycam.com/canon-60d-shipping-actually-shipped/. BTW, they've been working flawlessy and such a good price for those microSD Cards.

Unfortunately, possibly a Tascam Firmware issue, the Tascam DR-08 could not see the 8GB microSD card. Only the Zoom H1 was able to see and utilize the full 8GB providing 4 times more recording time. You never know how long it's going to take for an event to get started, or how long until it's over, so I just felt safer with the unit that can house the larger microSD card. Here's another tip that's a bit related. Regular batteries don't stand a fair chance with today's electronics. I hear many people complaining about how fast a battery grip with AA's, LED lights, or an Audio Recorder can run down batteries very quickly. I push the Eneloop batteries not only because they are rechargeable, but because they DO hold 4 times more capacity than a regular battery. If you want to use your Zoom H1 as a body pack, give it a fighting chance and put some quality batteries in.

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Damn, i've been catching Twitter pics and news clips about the Canon 60D in stock and shipping all day today. It's still a very rare find, but I managed to check out a few of my 'secret fishing holes' and it should drop in on Tuesday. Yeah, I tried to get it in earlier, but Jewish holiday they say.

Check out an early review @ https://nicolesyblog.com/2010/09/16/hands-on-with-the-canon-60d-first-impressions/ who shows off some of the in-camera filters. I think the 'Toy Camera' filter looked pretty good, and would be tons of fun in a Timelapse project. Curious if they stuck with the same Intervalometer as the T2i.

So i'm excited to see how this thing sizes up against it's 'older' siblings. I have another big event out of state that i'll be dragging this thing to, so I stocked up on the 32GB Transcend SDHC Class 10 Cards which is a deal right now.

Sandisk-8GB-MicroSDI also noticed that the Zoom H1 and Tascam DR-08 only come with 2GB microSD cards. At the highest bitrate, i'm getting short of one hour total record time. If this this is going to be useful in a Catholic ceremony it's gotta run at least half a day! I managed to find some Sandisk 8GB microSD Cards for fairly cheap. With 8GB at the highest 96/24 I should be able to get close to 4 hours of total record time.