Sandisk Memory One Day Deal

There's currently discounts going (today only) for various types of Sandisk Media. Sucks because I just paid for a 32GB MicroSD Card for my new Samsung Galaxy IV cellphone and GoPro Hero3. I could have used these deals a few days ago. Check it out via B&H and remember it's for today only (found here)

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5 thoughts on “Sandisk Memory One Day Deal

  1. Thanks Emm,

    Again love the site I check it everyday. Because of your site I have some of my favorite photography/video tools my carry speed straps, viewfinder(for my canon), my P&C grips and articulating arms (which I believe are the best on the market). Keep up the great work!!

  2. I still don't get what the difference is between the Sandisk Extreme "HD VIDEO" version is over the regular Sandisk Extreme version??

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Richard - I've been using either my Lexar or Transcend SDHC. I've shot hours of footage with my sons basketball games, no errors what so ever. I use various cards from 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB SDXC.

    The only warning I can give about Media cards is to purchase them from an authorized reputable seller. These cards are easily counterfeited with fake stickers. These are the ones i'm using: Transcend SDHC Media Class 10

  4. Emm
    what cards do you use with the GH3?

    The Sandisk ultra keeps timing out so I bought the extreme and it's not timing out but I was wondering if I should jump to the extreme pro or the Transcend or the Lexar 600x cards because of the high bit rates of the GH3. I've watched a few videos claiming these faster 600x plus cards also help give better quality video is there any truth to that in your experience? Leave a link to the cards you would suggest for the GH3 I always try to purchase thru you links incase it helps the site

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