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If you missed the announcement, RadioPopper is holding a 'video' contest. RadioPopper makes some super fast wireless flash triggers, and some that maintain communication between the camera & flash without line of sight requirements. With that communication they are one of the rare triggers to support High Speed Sync wirelessly. Don't worry, the contest is not a difficult one where you need to show off award winning Photography skills. Just 30 seconds of showing or explaining your best photography lighting tips. They mention you can do this right from your basic webcam if needed. Since I have several RadioPopper PX's myself, I think i'll have to join in on this one. You can find more information at the link: https://www.radiopopper.com/contest


Don't count out the Steadicam Jr.! This design might be old, but it's the same basic principle as the latest Merlin going for $800 dollars. I picked up the Steadicam JR as my first Stabilizer for around $118 dollars for my Canon 5D Mark II. Remember these things were designed to fly VHS Cameras (heavy). In fact, the Gimbal that is used on the Steadicam Merlin IS THE EXACT same Gimbal design on the old Steadicam Jr. You can find Steadicam Jr's at auction for dirt cheap if you look hard enough. Check out these Steadicam Jr's on eBay. Click Here.
steadicam jr merlin design