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A very cool looking kit from Snake River Prototyping that adds a much needed flat lens to the GoPro HD. If you haven't done your research, the GoPro HD video will become soft underwater and things will look blurred out. With a flat lens on the housing, your video will retain it's sharpness and focus to infinity. I've been using the EyeOfMine housing which has vastly improved the videos during my snorkeling trip in Maui, but the SRP BlurFix not only looks better, but allows use of Filters. With an orange type filter under blue color cast waters, this will provide a better white balance and underwater images become more colorful.

I'll be putting the kit together and then later do some testing with a GoPro HD in standard housing, and another one with the SRP BlurFix kit. Stay tuned, but you You can find out more information about the Blurfix from Snake River Prototyping can be found at https://www.snakeriverprototyping.com/BlurFix.html

Instructional Assembly