Snake River Prototyping – BlurFix GoPro HD

A very cool looking kit from Snake River Prototyping that adds a much needed flat lens to the GoPro HD. If you haven't done your research, the GoPro HD video will become soft underwater and things will look blurred out. With a flat lens on the housing, your video will retain it's sharpness and focus to infinity. I've been using the EyeOfMine housing which has vastly improved the videos during my snorkeling trip in Maui, but the SRP BlurFix not only looks better, but allows use of Filters. With an orange type filter under blue color cast waters, this will provide a better white balance and underwater images become more colorful.

I'll be putting the kit together and then later do some testing with a GoPro HD in standard housing, and another one with the SRP BlurFix kit. Stay tuned, but you You can find out more information about the Blurfix from Snake River Prototyping can be found at

Instructional Assembly

15 thoughts on “Snake River Prototyping – BlurFix GoPro HD

  1. Trevor Soosie

    I strongly recommend NOT BUYING and eyeofmine underwater housing. Mine leaked and they didn't seem to care. Turns out many other people have had the same issues

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Leo - There's always a risk with any underwater camera housing, even the professional ones. A bit of sand on an o-ring and you've compromised the whole seal.

    If you want to screw on filters on the EOM lens, I guess you could try using epoxy and mount a bare step up filter ring. It won't have glass, and when you need a filter, just screw it on the bare ring.

  3. Hi all,
    I have already a eyeofmine case, but I would be interested in a solution like this where it was possible to install some filters.
    On their site I've seen that the product is tested till 130ft but as far I understand, it is the sealing where the screws are but also the filters are exposed to the pressure of psi. There is no risk that it could collapse?
    Other question. Someone of you have tried both EoM and BF?
    Do you see any difference? wich is better?

  4. Well I got the Blurfix and a slim circular polaizer from B + W and it vignettes in every mode on the GoPro2. The clear UV filter it came with does as well. It doesn't show on the LCD backpac but it's definitely there in the photos and video. Not really a huge issue, just have to crop a bit in post. A bit of quality is lost but it's barely noticeable.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Jason H - I would go CPL. I will try and test something next week. I don't think it would though because the LCD screen we had on did not show anything. The LCD is a good representation of what the camera sees in photo or video moe.

  6. Hey Emm was wondering if this blurfix would vignette in photo mode with the GoPro2? Could you send a sample to my e-mail or post a shot with it on in photo mode? Probably going to pick one of these up to add a 55mm circular polarizer to help shooting in bright lighting conditions when the shutter speed isn't quite fast enough. Thank you!

  7. We actually ran out of Zeikos, and Urpro filters, we now have a good stock on both. The problem was that we had ordered the Zeikos filters from a well known online retailer,and after waiting two weeks we called and found out that the order was cancelled without notification. We are now able to order direct and should not have this problem. The URPro filters are another story, we simply underestimated the sales for the week, as we saw a surge in the color correcting filters. We actually were back to taking orders late on the 26th.

    Edin, the little white balls are Activated Alumina (desiccant) They are used to pull out any moisture that may get trapped in the BlurFix cavity while installing/changing filters (humid environment).

    Check out our website, and Facebook page we have some new videos, a Must See!!

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @EDIN AZIZ - The product became out of stock after I posted information about it. You could buy it from their website.

  9. Adding the possibility of putting filters on this is awesome. But, those white balls..What exactly is their function? Absorbing what? Is it minor leakage or pressure issues? And how did you get your hands on the SRP kit? There's no webshop on their site and all products are out of stock..

  10. Derek

    Looks pretty great. Was planning on picking up the flat EyeofMind housing for my honeymoon in Bali in a couple months. May pick this up with the filter instead.

  11. Chris

    That's awesome! The filter part is what I really need. Stick a good polarizer in there, and outdoor video would be amazing.

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