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Exciting news for the readers out there, here's another 'Quick Product Give Away'. This one will run for just 24 hours before choosing (not one) but TWO PEOPLE will randomly be selected to each receive a FREE P&C GearBox GB-2.
No purchase necessary, must be 18 years or older. Registration ends tomorrow April 18th, 2013 at 12pm PST.

[Update] Offer is closed. I will post about those selected in the comments section

How to Register:
1) Share this article via Twitter (through this link)
2) Make sure to follow me @Cheesycam on Twitter to receive a DM (direct message) if you're chosen.

[Update] Offer is closed. I will post about those selected in the comments section

(above) Shown with optional accessories - not included

Product Description:
The P&C GearBox was designed to provide mounting options for the growing number of accessories needed for todays small video camera shooter. The new GearBox can support a full size Canon 5D Mark II inside of the cage without using the included extension adapters. With the extension adapters installed, the GearBox can support the Canon DSLR plus a Quick Release Adapter, or larger camera bodies.

The GearBox GB-2 is valued at $149 and holds a full 5 Star Review via Amazon (Click Here to Read Reviews)

IMG_3547_1024x1024GearBox GB-2
P&C GearBox DSLR Video Cage Accessory Bracket


One issue with using a GH3 camera inside of the Gearbox GB-2 is trying to access the battery door. By using the Panasonic DC Coupler (dummy battery), i'm able to use an external power source like the Tekkeon MP3450i Battery (found here). The Tekkeon battery is capable of outputting various DC Voltage including the necessary 8.4V DC to power the GH3 camera. This allows me to use the the GH3 in this Video Cage for longer run times. Links to the equipment in this video found below.

Panasonic DC battery Coupler Adapter External Battery Panasonic GH3 DC Battery Coupler External Battery

817570 Tekkeon Battery Packs + Tekkeon Extended Bundle

Panasonic GH3 Camera Panasonic GH3 Digital Camera

jpeg P&C GearBox GB-2 DSLR Video Accessory Bracket


Just a reminder that it's the final weekend to for the P&C GearBox GB-2 Discount. The GB-2 version comes with the rail clamp and a set of 15mm rods if you plan to use a follow focus or mattebox with your setup. You will need to enter a coupon code during checkout to get the $50 dollar discount, dropping the down price to just $99 bucks. More information can be found at the archived P&C newsletter (click here).

P&C GearBox GB-2 DSLR Video Accessory Bracket