Panasonic GH3 Video Cage External Battery DC Coupler

One issue with using a GH3 camera inside of the Gearbox GB-2 is trying to access the battery door. By using the Panasonic DC Coupler (dummy battery), i'm able to use an external power source like the Tekkeon MP3450i Battery (found here). The Tekkeon battery is capable of outputting various DC Voltage including the necessary 8.4V DC to power the GH3 camera. This allows me to use the the GH3 in this Video Cage for longer run times. Links to the equipment in this video found below.

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jpeg P&C GearBox GB-2 DSLR Video Accessory Bracket

19 thoughts on “Panasonic GH3 Video Cage External Battery DC Coupler

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Tim - I am using industrial velcro. If you are looking for a dedicated GH3 cage, check out a more recent article for the Fhugen GH3 Cage.

  2. Tim

    Hi... This is a great tip. I wondered if you might be kind enough to tell me how you attached the external battery to the gearbox cage? Many thanks.

  3. michael

    Hi guys I too am trying to get the right adaptor to power my new GH3 with the DC Coupler. I have the Tekkeon MP 3450 but have lost the power output cable. I can go on their website but want to be sure Im getting the correct cable and adaptor to fit my coupler that goes into the GH3. Any help would be appreciated with the exact model numbers for the Tekkeon adapters. A link would be even better.

  4. Johnson

    Thanks Emm!
    I was basing it off of a GH2 coupler that I had, so glad I now have 3 of these. Guess that just means I need more GH3s.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Johnson - Darn sorry, let me check again today. I misunderstood your last comment and thought you already found the correct information.

  6. Johnson

    Hey Emm,

    Might of missed it somewhere, but by chance did you find the letter marking on the tip adapter? Thanks sir!

  7. johnson

    Thank Emm,

    So I have the Tekkeon, but the letter A-E iirc, didn't fit GH2. Based on another person's info, he gave me the part number I needed for it. So I ordered 2 from Tekkeon direct. Turned out to be A, which I already had.

  8. Mike C


    I've seen some coupler options that have a step-down module inside them, so they allow something like a 5-12v input, but output at the recommended value for that battery type. Do you know if these standard couplers do this as well? If so, one wouldn't need to optimize their external battery solution for that exact output.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @John Frey - You will need 8.4V to power the GH3. The battery you mention only offers 5V/12V. The Tekkeon I have came with all the necessary tips and also offers various voltage including the 8.4V.

  10. John Frey

    Hey Em,

    I bought the DC 0512V li-on battery last year after seeing it reviewed by you. Have kept it on the shelf (charged occasionally ) unused. It is listed as "DC-5V/12V". Do you know if this unit will work powering up the GH3. I just finally got my coupler for the GH3 and am awaiting the AC power supply.The connector cable that came with the battery will not fit in the DC coupler. Thanks.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Johnson - It's not the 2.5mm ID - 5.5mm OD one. It's smaller. I'll check again which tip I had to switch it to.

  12. Johnson


    Which letter right angle adapter from Tekkeon are you using? I had problems finding the right one for the GH2 Coupler and hope the GH3's coupler is something I already have. Thanks!

  13. Erik

    I have the GH3 DC coupler, but I can't seem to find the right 8.4V cable online to plug into my Anker external battery or my V-mount battery. Do you know what I should look for? Thanks!

  14. BlueBomberTurbo

    Absolutely LOVE having this for my GH2. I can shoot on and off for over 7hrs with my eBay 12,000mah (@5V) battery. I just leave the camera on the whole time, and shoot when necessary. Incredible for event work.

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