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I posted a short overview of the FotoDiox ND Throttle Fusion Adapter not too long ago. It's a clever lens adapter that will get your Canon EF Autofocus lenses mounted to your Sony camera bodies (like A7sII, A7RII) and allow you to fully communicate with the lens using the Sony dials buttons. The adapter supports autofocus, image stabilization, and adjustment of iris. But obviously the big difference is the built in Variable ND Filter that allows you to more ways to control your exposure. Check out the video below for more details.

Now there are times you may not need a variable ND filter on the camera, especially when shooting in dim lighting. So that makes this 24 Hour Flash Deal something to consider. With the purchase of an ND Throttle Auto Adapter, FotoDiox will throw in a Smart Adapter as well (basically same thing without the nd filter). This deal ends on Wednesday (8.17.16) at Midnight CST, and in order to get the deal you must ADD Both Items to Cart and use coupon code THROTTLEUP.

Click here to get your Smart Fusion ND Throttle AND Free Auto Adapter today (click here).

FotoDiox FLASH ND Throttle
FotoDiox 24 Hour FLASH DEAL. Purchase ND Throttle ND Auto and Receive FREE Smart Adapter.


Here's a nice -$200 OFF discount on the Rokinon 8mm Cine Fisheye Lens (for Nikon mount while supplies last). There's a few reasons many of you may consider this lens deal. Let's start with the fact that it's one of Rokinon's Cine lens with built in focus and aperture gears to use with your follow focus and a de-clicked aperture ring.

Also don't be turned off that it's available in a Nikon mount, that's actually one of the best options out there if you're trying to adapt this lens. Basically you can easily adapt a Nikon lens to a Canon DSLR but not a Canon EF to a Nikon. Some people prefer to buy the Nikon mount for MFT cameras so that they can use a Speed Booster or Focal Reducer adapter instead of buying a dedicated MFT lens (though you may not need one for this fisheye).

Let's not forget that instead of buying an MFT lens, adapting this Nikon fisheye will let you use adapters like the FotoDiox ND Throttle with a built in Variable ND Filter that sits 'behind' the lens. As you know with a Fisheye lens you can't easily throw a filter on the front which helps to control the shutter speed of your video.

fotodiox ND Throttle Nikon to MFT
find-price-button FotoDiox ND Throttle Variable ND Filter Lens Adapter

And yes it's a Fisheye lens, but on a BMPCC or GH4 camera at 4K it's no too much of a fisheye look and can be corrected back down to 1080p for that wide angle view (article here). While supplies last (find it here).

rokinon fisheye lens
find-price-button Rokinon 8mm t/3.8 Fisheye Cine VDSLR Lens for Nikon $199.00 (Regular $399) Free Shipping. Good while supplies last!


So today I decided to shoot a few samples with the new FotoDiox ND Throttle Lens Adapter. The version I have mounts a Canon FD Lens to a Micro Four Thirds camera, and in these samples i'm using my Panasonic GH4. If you're familiar with 'Variable ND Filters' here's a few things to keep in mind while watching the video below (make sure you choose 1080 HD settings).

#1: Not once did I ever see the dreaded 'X' cross hatch while performing any of these tests. Even when going to it's extremes. I don't care how expensive your ND filter is, with certain lenses you'll eventually see this phenomenon when placing a Variable ND Filter to the front.

#2: Image quality did not appear to degrade as much as other ND filters when I tested my 200mm F/4 lens (which on GH4 is over 400mm). Even expensive 'Variable ND Filters' have trouble maintaining sharpness when placed in the front of lenses past 200mm.

#3: Stare closely at neutral areas like the 'whites' and 'black' areas. This filter in my eyes did not show a strong Magenta cast as most 'cheap' Variable ND Filters would. If anything maybe there's a bit of green, but nothing I would complain about for such a cheap lens adapter.

Now whether or not you have beef with the FotoDiox company is none of my business, but there's no denying that this adapter does what it claims and I think it does an excellent job for the price. There are certainly benefits to adding a Variable ND filter 'behind a lens' as opposed to the 'front of a lens' and it shows in these examples. Referencing the video above not once did you ever see weird 'cross hatching' as the nd filter rotated between it's extremes. It also maintained a fair amount of sharpness when used with a 200mm F4 lens which again on a GH4 is equivalent to 400mm+ on a full frame.

Below you'll find 'Frame Grabs' from the video, but you can click on any image below for a larger view.

Frame Grab Samples from Video with GH4 / White Balance Locked to Daylight Setting
FotoDiox ND Throttle FD Lenses

FotoDiox ND Throttle Birdhouse

FotoDiox ND Throttle Leaf

FotoDiox ND Throttle Clips

FotoDiox ND Throttle Flower

Obviously there are a few pixel-peepers who will nitpick these examples, so here's a bit of advice. If you're the type to complain about trying to get the best quality out of your lenses, then you should not be looking at Variable ND Filters. Instead you should invest in 'Static ND Filters'. A static ND Filter will always provide the best image quality over the most expensive Variable ND filters money can buy.

In summary FotoDiox is offering up a very nice solution for the convenience of using Variable ND Filters combined with a variety of Lens Adapter Mounts all for under $100 dollars. At this time, I can't speak about the quality of using these adapters for Canon EF, Minolta, or Nikon lenses, but i'm personally very very very satisfied with the results I can achieve with my sub $50 dollar Canon FD Lenses.

One of the 'CONS' of course with this type of setup is that it will not allow you to use a 'Focal Reducer' or 'Speed Booster' which might be a hard trade off for some people. So hopefully these short examples are enough reference for concerns such as a questionable loss of sharpness, color shift and or color cast. Once again take a look at the examples, and leave your comments below about whether you think the product delivers to your expectations.

FotoDiox ND Throttle Adapter
find-price-button FotoDiox ND Throttle Variable ND Lens Adapters


Although we still don't have any scientific tests on the sharpness coming from the new Fotodiox Vizelex Throttle Variable ND Filter 'Lens Adapter', this follow up video answers a few great questions.

Here's another thing they didn't cover which has been a main reason I would consider using the adapter. A fisheye lens on a BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera is not so 'fish-eye', and it's one of my go to lenses for wide angle shots. Unfortunately, some ultra wide angle or fisheye lenses (in which the front optic protrudes past the housing) are unable to accept front filters. With the variable ND sitting behind the lens, you can control your image in bright outdoor conditions. I know Rokinon has announced a few great wide angle lenses for Mirrorless cameras, but this situation may be a reason why adapting the larger EF or Nikon mounts would be better.

Canon 8-15mm Fisheye Nikon 14-28mm Rokinon Canon 8mm
Example Wide / Fisheye lenses without Front Filter Threads

Hopefully the Micro Four Thirds version comes out soon for the GH4 as I hear it will have a different crop factor than a typical GH3, so i'll really be digging into these ultra wide angle lenses. You can find the (click here)
find-price-button Fotodiox Vizelex Throttle Variable ND Filter Lens Adapter