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Someone asked me the other day about getting a bit more height on the Z96 DSLR LED Video light. I had a bit of insight on this item, but it wasn't available until 'now'. (Literally just now!). This is called the 'Power Arm' and it's a variable friction adjustable arm made out of Aluminum. Comes with a Shoe mount, but can be broken down to accept standard 1/4x20 threaded insert. If you look at the image with the hand, it's a decent size even folded up. Other images show off carrying the Z96 LED video light, so it's gotta be able to carry some weight. I have two in the mail which should arrive any day now, and hopefully get the hands on review of this new item. The reason I ordered two is because the images show some mounting options which looks like I can combine them together to gain quite a bit of distance. If combining these arms works out, it would be a good fit along with the Manfrotto 386B Nano Clamp.

Manfrotto Nano Clamp

This could prove to be a popular articulating arm that we'll see more of to carry those new EVF remote LCD Viewfinders, or something as simple as positioning your portable audio recorder further from the camera reducing that all annoying 'handling' noise. Similar accessories like this arm are discontinued everywhere, but i'm guessing their $150+ dollar price didn't make them very popular. I should have mine in soon to do some weight lifting tests, but you can only find these here: Aluminum Variable Friction Adjustable Power Arm