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Someone asked me the other day about getting a bit more height on the Z96 DSLR LED Video light. I had a bit of insight on this item, but it wasn't available until 'now'. (Literally just now!). This is called the 'Power Arm' and it's a variable friction adjustable arm made out of Aluminum. Comes with a Shoe mount, but can be broken down to accept standard 1/4x20 threaded insert. If you look at the image with the hand, it's a decent size even folded up. Other images show off carrying the Z96 LED video light, so it's gotta be able to carry some weight. I have two in the mail which should arrive any day now, and hopefully get the hands on review of this new item. The reason I ordered two is because the images show some mounting options which looks like I can combine them together to gain quite a bit of distance. If combining these arms works out, it would be a good fit along with the Manfrotto 386B Nano Clamp.

Manfrotto Nano Clamp

This could prove to be a popular articulating arm that we'll see more of to carry those new EVF remote LCD Viewfinders, or something as simple as positioning your portable audio recorder further from the camera reducing that all annoying 'handling' noise. Similar accessories like this arm are discontinued everywhere, but i'm guessing their $150+ dollar price didn't make them very popular. I should have mine in soon to do some weight lifting tests, but you can only find these here: Aluminum Variable Friction Adjustable Power Arm

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  2. @Apostolos
    Try some arm,called Flexy arm.It doesn't locks any joints, because there isn't.It can handle some weight but far less than this magic arm.Sometimes,the flexy arm cannot be set in exact possition,but may be it will suit you.
    Manfrotto has two models of FA,heavy duty and regular one.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - Nothing that I know of, but a modified Pistol grip ball head might work. Although it would be heavy...

  4. Thanks for the reply. I don't doubt that they're a good value at $45. It looks like an arm that can support a lot of weight, but it has to be locked at a fixed position every time. What I was asking is if you know of a similar product that say you can put on the hotshoe or something, then you sort of move it to a new position every time, with one hand without having to lock or unlock that screw, even it supports less weight. You know what I'm saying? When I shoot I'll go high or low within a few seconds, so I'm wondering if there is some sort of articulating arm that may support say that small 4.3" monitor without having to lock and unlock that locking screw.

  5. Emm

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    @apostolos - These friction arms are well worth the bucks. I've used them to mount my LED Ring light, Microphones, Follow Focus, and tons of other stuff too. Once you have them, you'll use them all the time. Even if you just need it for a monitor, you'll find them useful for other things.

  6. I was looking into a solution like that, because I like to shoot a lot low angle (and high) and with the 5DmkII I'm eyeballing it now. So, I'm looking for a solution to hook up an external monitor to the 5d. The seller has your review video online and I saw that setup you have with the arm holding the two cameras on top of the cage and immediately I thought WTF, and as your first words in the video were something like "you must think this is pretty stupid..." the coffee almost came out of my nostrils. Now you're providing entertainment as well... Or is there another solution with which you can reposition a monitor without having to lock the screw every time. Something that would hold less weight than this, but that it would be more flexible, i.e. put the monitor in a new position and it stays there, the put in in another position and it stays there without having to tighten and untighten the screw every time?

  7. @Kei...i found them on eBay from seller LCD4Video
    but the arms cheesycam reviewed come from a less expensive seller...they are identical though...i got my second long arm from them...

  8. I'm thinking of using two of these as handles for one of my my DIY shoulder rigs.

    Anyone who used these reckon they'll hold up the weight of a t2i on a fairly heavy rig?

  9. these arms are GREAT!! i just ordered my 4th i will have 2 of the 4" and 2 of the 8"...entirely useful...
    manfrotto better get a clue and come off that price cause Vibesta [and to whomever they sublet] has the goods!!

  10. Emm

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    Thanks for the information. I guess they are the same, and this is just another reseller? Glad to know it's the same high quality, they are really cool indeed.

  11. Hi all,

    This is Mark from Vibesta and I can shed some light on this.

    We are the manufacturer of these arms so if you find the identical arm somewhere it is from us (or a copy of it). It is right that we produce it in china to be able to offer it at the lowest price possible and we take great care of quality control to offer arms that are of the same or better quality compared to the best arms on the market.

    We sell the arms to manufacturers, retailers and final customers so it is possible to get it through different sources but we try to offer Vibesta arms locally in as many countries as possible so that customers don't have to pay high shipping costs or wait a longer time for their order - for example within the USA you can order Vibesta arms from or Cory Easom, for europe we have local stock in germany and we are constantly adding retailers within other countries to our network. We will very soon update our website so that it gives you more information where you can order our products locally.

    As prices don't differ a lot I would encourage you to order from a local source if possible to support your local dealers and also for better and more direct customer service.

    Best regards,

  12. Lensdude

    I just checked the Vibesta site (price page) and there is small print there that says "all shipments are originating from China" so it is likely that these are the same arms...

  13. Lensdude


    I am tempted. I have bad luck with some gear that comes from China. I am not as enthused with my 717AH fluid head as everyone else is. I ordered one of those eBay batteries for my Lilliput that does not work and a cheap "Gorilla Pod" that broke. I did get a $4.95 remote on-off switch which works great though.

    I guess the big question is: is the eBay friction arm the same one that Vibesta sells or is it a copy? The price is about the same. I am sure it comes down to shipping costs. This thing could be the real deal or a cheap cast copy? I know that all the cinema5d (I am a moderator over there) guys who purchased the Vibesta stuff are very happy with their purchases.

  14. Emm

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    I'm sure they do. It looks to be the exact same product, possibly they are a reseller. I'm in California and the the seller is cheaper with free shipping. I got two which adds up to a whole lot of savings. Perhaps it would be cheaper for those who live in Germany.

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