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Throwing your tripod or monopod over the shoulder seems to be a trend these days, so here's another one. BTW, that title is a reference to the Double Rainbow video if you didn't get it. Anyways, here's a video from YouTube member Chung Dha about taking a simple double flash bracket and attaching it to a monopod to give you the offset, and at the same time offering up an additional cold shoe for another accessory. It's a cheap solution that will give you a bit more stabilization than straight hand held, and still offers complete use of the monopod. There's a number of different camera flash brackets you can use from single to double, and i've provided the link below to check out your options. They start at under $6 dollars. He uses a cheap mini tripod to get a handle on things, but you might want to check out the BARSKA Accu Grip which looks a little more pro. The Barska runs over $35-$45 over on eBay, but there's a sale over at Amazon you might want to look into. This video is a bit longer than I personally need it to be, but might help throw some ideas into the DIY pot. Perhaps going Double Flash bracket on $24 dollar shoulder support.

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find-price-button BARSKA Accu Grip Handheld Tripod System

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Since the Z96 DSLR light has great diffusion and color, and can be stacked together to make One Larger light panel, people have been asking about using the now popular Z96 DSLR Dimmable LED Lights off camera with a stand. This would work great, even as basic fill light outdoors. Here's two really cheap options to get these lights setup so that you can use them off camera. The first one is just a standard foot that should come with most flashes. Under these adapters is a standard 1/4 x 20 thread to place directly on top of any standard Tripod. These run less than $3.00 dollars + Free shipping. Since the neck of the Z96 LED is already positionable, as well as the Tripod you're mounting to, you won't need a bracket that tilts.


Carrying around a full tripod just to hold these tiny lights would be excess, so you can go with lighter 'Light Stands'. If you're going with the lightstand route, sometimes they have a 1/4 x 20 threaded tip so you can use them with your Foot type adapter. If not, then you'll have to grab one of these Light Stand Umbrella Flash Brackets. These can mount any type of shoe mounted accessory including your Canon or Nikon flash. I happened to have many of these I use for Photography positioning my Flashes off camera. This might be a better buy if you're planning on using these for off camera flash photography since flashes can't be as easily tilted. You can find both of these options following this link to Shoe Type Speedlite Brackets.

You can also find Lightstands, Brackets, umbrella, with carrying case here.