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Throwing your tripod or monopod over the shoulder seems to be a trend these days, so here's another one. BTW, that title is a reference to the Double Rainbow video if you didn't get it. Anyways, here's a video from YouTube member Chung Dha about taking a simple double flash bracket and attaching it to a monopod to give you the offset, and at the same time offering up an additional cold shoe for another accessory. It's a cheap solution that will give you a bit more stabilization than straight hand held, and still offers complete use of the monopod. There's a number of different camera flash brackets you can use from single to double, and i've provided the link below to check out your options. They start at under $6 dollars. He uses a cheap mini tripod to get a handle on things, but you might want to check out the BARSKA Accu Grip which looks a little more pro. The Barska runs over $35-$45 over on eBay, but there's a sale over at Amazon you might want to look into. This video is a bit longer than I personally need it to be, but might help throw some ideas into the DIY pot. Perhaps going Double Flash bracket on $24 dollar shoulder support.

find-price-button Flat Black Camera Flash Brackets

find-price-button BARSKA Accu Grip Handheld Tripod System