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Seeing how much video footage I can collect in a single wedding event this past weekend, I began my search for more Compact flash storage. Sandisk is one of those brands that you can't go wrong with, but the cheapest Sandisk 32GB Compact Flash Card on eBay right now for the SanDisk Extreme 60MB/sec 400x would be about $184 dollars. Luckily for me, the SanDisk rebates are available over at BHPHOTOVIDEO.com that allows you to save $70 dollars off the purchase of 2 cards making that price a sweet $155 each. Such a good price, it even beats out the rebate for (2) 16GB Sandisk Extreme Compact Flashcards.

It's a 'Limit Two Cards per Redemption Claim', but it's 'Limit Three Claims Per Household'. So with a bit of creativeness, you can get up to six cards per household. You can find those Sandisk Rebates going on Right Now Here.

Wow, this is a great deal and just had to share with the visitors. We all run out of Video space with these high end DLSR's so getting a decent sized card at a decent price is hard to come by. Here's a great deal on a SanDisk Extreme that writes at 60MB/s. Not only will it be awesome fast for your camera to do Video mode, but these speeds help when you're downloading to your computer so you can get back to what you love doing most.