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Excellent little demo video from YouTube member ChainfireXDA. Here's the punchline. Connect your Android Phone to your DSLR directly with a USB cable and control it. You'll neeed a Honeycomb tablet or an SGS2 (with KG1 or newer firmware) and a USB host (not the typical) sometimes referred to as OTG a.k.a 'On The Go'. Yeah that's pretty sweet, very very sweet. Live view is a bit slow, but that's the same you'll get if connected to a Laptop system. Zoom in to check focus, check the histogram, adjust aperture settings. Oh and you can hold an area of the screen to select focus too (could eventually eliminate okii?). There's a handful of info and goodies found at the Android marketplace (click here). Tweet this article, thanks.

Here's a list of cables you'll need to get this going on your DSLR (click here).
find-price-button USB Host On The Go OTG Cables