Control DSLR with USB Android

Excellent little demo video from YouTube member ChainfireXDA. Here's the punchline. Connect your Android Phone to your DSLR directly with a USB cable and control it. You'll neeed a Honeycomb tablet or an SGS2 (with KG1 or newer firmware) and a USB host (not the typical) sometimes referred to as OTG a.k.a 'On The Go'. Yeah that's pretty sweet, very very sweet. Live view is a bit slow, but that's the same you'll get if connected to a Laptop system. Zoom in to check focus, check the histogram, adjust aperture settings. Oh and you can hold an area of the screen to select focus too (could eventually eliminate okii?). There's a handful of info and goodies found at the Android marketplace (click here). Tweet this article, thanks.

Here's a list of cables you'll need to get this going on your DSLR (click here).
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16 thoughts on “Control DSLR with USB Android

  1. I've just installed this on my Galaxy Note... it's gorgeous! I'm not sure if it's been updated or anything, but there are frame rate options for 15, 24 and 30 now! I'd say the lag is about 0.25 seconds, which is perfectly acceptable.

    I made a naff DIY solution to mount the phone to my camera by literally gluing a hot shoe adaptor to a spare back case.

    The best solution I've found on ebay is a holder for the Note that fixes onto bike handlebars, so I though that with most people using some sort of rail based rig, that could be a winner.

  2. I have this running on my iconia a500 tab. there is no review after you take a photo nor does it store them on the tab, but it's great for setting up HDR shots without moving the camera. I'm sure after another month they will come up with some great features. I've tried recording video while it's linked up to see if you could still use it as ghetto low fps monitor, but the camera body is pretty much useless while connected.

    great blog btw. i follow it quite regularly.

  3. I'm thinking, I was considering hacking my Barnes and Noble NOOK to run the latest android software, that would make a decent sided controller (if it works) with a decent sized viewing screen

  4. Daniel

    Is the phone getting charged by the camera this way? I couldn't tell.
    Also, are tethering to the phone, or is just controls.

    I mean even if both of the above are not happening, this app is still pretty killer.


    Hmmm, purchased and tried it on my EVO 3D and was prompted that my device did not support usb host protocol for anyone wondering.

    When I went to the site It stated "This app is compatible with your Sprint HTC PG86100" when I signed in to purchase. How it knew what phone I had is beyond me since I was on my comp but I'd assume it's networked through google info or something. You can run these days but you can't hide, lol. HTC PG86100 is apparently the model number for the EVO 3D. I commented the issue on the developer site to see what's what.

    Anyone have any insight on this?

  6. Joel

    @Jacob - To that end, how about a direct link (no intermediate computer interface which -- the last time I checked and pls correct me if I am wrong -- is still a requirement) to an ipad2.

    The bigger screen of ipad2 would go a long way to making external monitors like Marshall, Lilliput, smallHD obsolete.

  7. xlerate


    do you have an Amazon link for the cable?
    I have an open cart and want to add a few of these.

  8. Jacob

    What I want to see is an EVF app for the iPod touch and iPhones. The screens are the exact same size as a Canon DSLR, they are high resolution, and they already have the computers built in so it should be somewhat easy to add some advanced features. A LCD viewfinder would fit perfectly on one and it would be small and lightweight.

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