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Product Description:
The newest addition to the Dracast Fresnel Series Lights are the biggest, most powerful Dracast lights to date, delivering tremendous output with incredible color rendition.

Super responsive LCD touch screen to adjust dimming and color temperature manually
Color Balance Options: Daylight (5600K), Tungsten (3200K), and Bi-Color (3200K - 5600K)
‚Äč15-60 Degree Adjustable Beam Angle
Yoke with 5/8" Receiver
0-100% Dimming
On-board dimming knob
CRI: 95
Includes 4 - way Barndoors

Optional features depending on the model:
-WIFI control compatible or On board DMX controls

Beam Angle: 15 degrees - 60 Adjustable Beam Angle
Handling: Double-Side Clutch Plate Tilt Adjustment Handle
Mounting: 5/8"" Baby Pin Aluminum Mounting Yoke
Tilt Angle: 90 degrees
Power Connection: 110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 2.0A
Heat Management: Passive Heat Sink Cooling System
On Board Fan: Yes
Battery Powered: No
Color Balance Options: Daylight (5600K), Tungsten (3200K), and Bi-Color (3200K - 5600K)
Color Rendition: 95
Dimming: 0-100% Continuous
Controls: Local On-Board Manual Controls
Housing Color: Blue / Black
Housing Build: Aluminum Alloy
Est LED Lifetime: 50,000 hours

For more information about Dracast New LED Fresnel Series visit Dracast website (link)

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