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Towards the end of 2010, it seemed like there would be an explosion of Electronic View finders. In the end only a handful have been popular such as the Cineroid EVF (starting $548), Zacuto EVF (starting $749), and the SmallHD DP4-EVF (starting $599).

seetec evf scope 3.5 lcd hdmi
find-price-button 3.5" HDMI LCD Electronic View Finder

Here's a cheaper 3.5" HDMI EVF you will probably be hearing more about from Seetec. The magnifying loupe attaches and detaches similar to the SmallHD DP4, but that's pretty much where all the similarities end. Kicapi Productions has a video demonstrating some of the features [Thanks Kicapi Productions].

So hopefully the video above answers any questions about the EVF as you begin hearing about it from other blogs and forums. It's definitely not as high quality or as full featured as the other brands, but it comes in at about half the price. Kicapi Productions has the Scope 3.5" EVF already available to Malaysian/Asian countries at https://www.kicapi.com.

For other buyers, the Seetec 3.5" HDMI LCD EVF can also be found via eBay (click here)

seetec 3.5 lcd evf hdmiscope seetech lcd hdmi evfscope seetech evf lcd monitor
find-price-button 3.5" HDMI LCD Electronic View Finder


Let me warn you now that this video is about 25 minutes long. It's a thorough video explaining all the bits about the SmallHD DP4-EVF. If you jump on over to about 19 minutes in, you see a Drop, Throw, Toss, Helicopter Crash, Car Crash, DP4 damage test. Yeah I know some of you might have something to say about the editing, but take a look. The DP4 is definitely a solid unit, but not something I want to try on my own. Info on the DP4 found here: https://www.smallhd.com/Products/index.html

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46mm Lens Cap
find-price-button 46mm Lens Caps

Good point brought up in the comment section about the SmallHD DP4 EVF 'not' having a lens cap to cover the glass. This could be tragic if you happen to leave it out in the sun. Since the SmallHD EVF uses standard 46mm threaded filters, the solution should be as simple as a basic lens cap available pretty much everywhere: Lens Cap for SmallHD Diopter

If you want one fast, there are a variety available on Amazon including some with Leica and Panasonic logos. They use the same 46mm size on many of their lenses (click here).

To make sure you prevent losing it and have it handy at all times, grab a set of very inexpensive lens cap keeper leashes (also good for your other lens caps) found below.
lens cap keeperlens cap keeper leashes
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First look at the two most popular EVFs on the market side by side. Surprisingly not a 'major' size difference, nor a huge weight difference. The Z-EVF is super lightweight, but when used with the Zacuto Z-Finder it adds on a bit. Note: I have no affiliation nor have I ever received any items from SmallHD or Zacuto. Now that the SmallHD DP4 was available, I purchased both the DP4-EVF and Z-EVF Flip to see which of these would best fit into my workflow. Whichever I choose would be my personal opinion on what works best for my situation. These are just my initial thoughts while I piece these two together for a more thorough review. More to come soon enough..

find-price-button SmallHD DP4-EVF

Zacuto EVF
find-price-button Zacuto EVF