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In this article, i'm sharing a little follow up video with samples shot using the new Kamerar Baton Extender Adapter for the DJI OSMO. This extension sits between the OSMO X3 camera and Handle adding about 30" of additional reach. This is great for getting new heights while still having native controls over the OSMO (trigger, joystick, etc). You can find the Kamerar Baton Extender (here).

Kamerar Baton Extender
Learn-More-sm Kamerar Baton Extension Adapter for DJI OSMO X3

In order to get a bit more motion blur and less 'stuttery look', I added a FotoDiox ND Filter to the X3 camera. This allowed me to reduce the shutter speed on the OSMO camera. These are a new 4pc set of Filters (3x ND + 1 CPL) from FotoDiox that will fit the X3 camera on the OSMO or the X3 camera on your DJI Inspire1 Drone.

fotodiox nd filter for osmo inspire1
Learn-More-sm FotoDiox ND Filter for DJI OSMO X3 & Inspire1 X3 Camera

dji osmo buy now preorder priceDJI OSMO Price review video sample


Normally to get your DJI OSMO up high, people are attaching the entire unit to the end of an extension pole. Completely functional but it does position all of your joystick controls away from the operator and adds more weight to the end of your pole.

Kamerar has a different approach and has designed a simple but useful Extension Adapter to quickly get those shots up high, down low, and would allow you to mimic those sweeping jib shots with ease. Here's a quick overview video of the DJI OSMO Extender by Kamerar.

Again, the benefit to this adapter for your DJI OSMO is having all of the native controls in the palm of your hand, and less weight to manage at the end of your extension. The Kamerar Extender Adapter for the DJI OSMO starts shipping in a few weeks, pre-orders available now (click here).

Learn-More-sm Kamerar Extender Adapter for DJI OSMO


Here's a look at a few new DJI OSMO accessories, a few old ones, and how it all comes together for a nice 4K capable travel stabilizer. The Z-Axis Arm is an add-on to help smooth out any up/down jerky motions caused by walking. I feel lightweight gimbals are more prone to this movement as there is not enough mass. The Z-Axis is similar to the ISO arms you'll find on a Steadicam Vest.

dji osmo vertical stabilization z axis armdji osmo z axis stabilization

The Extended Battery Adapter is a great addition if you already have DJI batteries (Phantom, Inspire1, etc) and want to shoot all day. But with the new firmware update that is supposed to give you longer run time on the stock batteries, you may not need the external battery.

osmo battery extender dc out external battery djidji osmo external battery extender

The Extension Adapter will allow you to get better position for mounting some of your items. I think relocating the Phone mount behind the rear of the OSMO is a great spot and you'll be able to tilt as needed.


The Universal Mount comes with two cold shoes that will let you mount additional accessories such as an LED Light or the Rode VideoMicro - which is also sold on the DJI website now.


These are only a few items I think I would be using, but there is a number of expanded accessories available now from Bike Mounts, Car Mounts, Magic Arms, and even camera/gimbal upgrades to the new X5. Check out the DJI OSMO accessories page (here).

dji osmo buy now preorder priceDJI OSMO Price review video sample
learn-more-button DJI OSMO for X3 X5 X5R Camera Gimbals

A prototype extension adapter that sits between the DJI OSMO and it's handle. This way you can still hold the gimbal comfortably and operate the joystick for Pan and Tilt.

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The DJI OSMO is a nice 4K Video Camera + Gimbal system, but has the worst audio ever. In fact it's pretty much non-existent. But with a microphone attached to the 3.5mm input you can get much better results. I've played around with a few setups, but probably one of the best microphones to use with this tiny setup would be RODE's new VideoMicro On-Camera Hypercardioid Microphone.

rode videomicro microphone
find-price-button Rode VideoMicro On-Camera Hypercardioid Microphone

In order to mount this with the OSMO they recommend the Straight Arm accessory along with the Universal Mount. This setup will let you use the SmartPhone Mount simultaneously (as seen below). Interestingly enough as pure convenience you can now purchase the Rode VideoMicro on the DJI Website for just $59 dollars.

find-price-button DJI OSMO Universal Mount & Straight Arm Extension


DJI today has made available their latest Gimbal Product - OSMO. The Osmo is a handheld system that allows you to use the DJI Zenmuse X3, X5 (Pro), or X5R (RAW) Camera + Gimbals.

Keep in mind that the OSMO is dedicated for use with one of DJI's cameras. While I think anyone with a DJI Inspire1 + X3 camera might be tempted to grab an OSMO, many still believe the quality of the GoPro HERO4 is still better (HERO4 certainly better in low light). You can already get a very stable GoPro HERO4 gimbal for less money, so I don't think I would personally use this for my X3.

DJI OSMO Camera x3 x5 x5r

But if you're looking at using an X5 or X5R DJI Camera system with your Inspire1, then I can see how this will add great value by allowing you to use it both on and off the Quadcopter. The DJI OSMO is already available to order on the DJI website (here).

osmo dji gimbal x3 x5 x5r handheld

DJI Osmo Product Samples from Tested

dji osmo buy now preorder priceDJI OSMO Price review video sample
VIEW-ITEM DJI OSMO for X3 X5 X5R Camera Gimbals