DJI OSMO Z-Axis Arm Extension Adapter External Battery Power

Here's a look at a few new DJI OSMO accessories, a few old ones, and how it all comes together for a nice 4K capable travel stabilizer. The Z-Axis Arm is an add-on to help smooth out any up/down jerky motions caused by walking. I feel lightweight gimbals are more prone to this movement as there is not enough mass. The Z-Axis is similar to the ISO arms you'll find on a Steadicam Vest.

dji osmo vertical stabilization z axis armdji osmo z axis stabilization

The Extended Battery Adapter is a great addition if you already have DJI batteries (Phantom, Inspire1, etc) and want to shoot all day. But with the new firmware update that is supposed to give you longer run time on the stock batteries, you may not need the external battery.

osmo battery extender dc out external battery djidji osmo external battery extender

The Extension Adapter will allow you to get better position for mounting some of your items. I think relocating the Phone mount behind the rear of the OSMO is a great spot and you'll be able to tilt as needed.


The Universal Mount comes with two cold shoes that will let you mount additional accessories such as an LED Light or the Rode VideoMicro - which is also sold on the DJI website now.


These are only a few items I think I would be using, but there is a number of expanded accessories available now from Bike Mounts, Car Mounts, Magic Arms, and even camera/gimbal upgrades to the new X5. Check out the DJI OSMO accessories page (here).

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5 thoughts on “DJI OSMO Z-Axis Arm Extension Adapter External Battery Power

  1. There seems to be no Osmo X5 Kit on the DJI-Store.What do I need to make me one. I have no Drone and don't want one. Is there a Kit I have not seen? And would the Olympus 17 mm - F/2.8 Pencake Lens work on it? If not, Why? Software?

  2. Post author

    @David - No sorry, far from the same. The way they connect pieces are similar, but very different in physical size and electrical connections.

  3. Post author

    @Kevin - The OSMO X3 is not a great low light camera, especially when compared to a Sony A7 series camera. But if you were to upgrade to the X5 camera (micro four thirds interchangable lens), then you're really getting somewhere. It's quite an expense as you can only use that camera on the OSMO or Inspire1 Drone, and limited to certain lenses. But that would be incredibly small and easy to work with even in crowded areas. Much more discreet as well. They already have an adapter for the X5 camera setup, and will soon be making an X5 camera Z-Axis Arm too.

  4. Kevin

    Nice review. I shoot weddings. When you show the footage, can you comment on lowlight performance versus the a7 series of cameras. We know the a7 series will perform better, but is the light performance and the look a whole lot different.If it needs to be matched to the look of an a7 in post is it just too much work you think?

    Also if you can compare the new Pilotfly and Came TV pistol grip/handle hybrid systems that are soon to be released that would be great.

  5. David

    I know it's a bit of a long shot, but please bear with me. The z axis arm looks like it has connections very similar to the came-tv single. If they fit snug and connections lined up, I wonder could there be any compatibility issues. It's just a thought.

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