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Imagine your Canon DSLR at the top of a 10 foot pole, end of a 12 foot crane, or any place where starting and stopping video would be inconvenient. Of all the Canon DSLR cameras available (right now), the only way to start and stop video mode remotely is through Infrared. Infrared sucks, requires line of sight, and the signal gets lost outdoors pretty quick. Keep in mind that we're talking about 'video mode' which is handled only by infrared. The problem is that Canon chose to use a separate button specifically for 'Video Mode', and the normal Shutter is only for still images. There are plenty of wireless remotes for the 'Shutter', but the Video mode is activated only through Infrared.

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If you've had this problem, Justin writes in and shares his DIY wireless-trigger-to-infrared remote. Using a wireless shutter remote for Photography, he hacks it in to a cheap infrared remote with S2 function (required for video mode). In the end you'll still need the actual infrared remote placed somewhere in front of the camera, but the signal from operator to camera is truly wireless which can work through walls and has no limitations with line of sight. Makes you wonder about the Zoom H4n remote... More information on the build over at Instructables (here). [Thanks Justin]

For this project, you'll need the infrared remote to initiate video with the S2 button. Found below (click here).

find-price-button Wireless Shutter Release Remote for Canon EOS

I've used many of these wireless shutter remotes. The 5D & 7D have a different pin style. The one that is compatible with the 550D (T2i) has the right mini jack connection. These wireless triggers are fairly generic and the same connection works on the Canon G12, Canon 60D, Canon T3i, etc. You can find them cheapest via eBay (click here)

Wireless Video Trigger DIY Remote
find-price-button Wireless Shutter Remote Receiver Transmitter

BTW they fixed all this with the new 1Dx camera. Now it's all done by the shutter button which means every basic wireless trigger will now work to start/stop video mode. Of course, thats about $7,000 dollars worth of camera. I think this DIY build is a bit cheaper.


This is part 1 of an idea i'm going to try and work on. Not sure it there will ever be a Part 2 to this! Basically the problem I want to provide a DIY solution for is a remote to start and stop video from the Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, 550D / T2i. Yes, there is the RC-1 for the 5D Mark II, but that works through infrared, line of sight, and only best in front of the camera. I need a remote that can start and stop video if my camera were on a Jib / Crane / Steadicam / Shoulder Rig, etc.

Here's two of the current solutions people are using today:

Video above From Lucasberg

Video above From Abel Cine Tech

While both videos show a method of routing an infrared signal from front to back, it's not going to suffice in many situations that I plan on using my camera for. So check out my video (very top) on Part 1 of what I'm planning on doing. I'm using this $8.00 wireless 1CH remote and also got this used RC-1 from eBay for just $8.00 dollars. Let's see if you hear back from me on a successful DIY Wireless Remote for the Canon 5D Mark II or if it's an epic failure.... Stay tuned.

1. Parts i'm using is this 1 CH Momentary Wireless Remote / Receiver from eBay for about $8.00 dollars
2. I'm going to use a Relay to trigger continuity (bypassing the switch) on the Canon RC-1 infrared for the Canon 5D Mark II (click Here).

I'd love some feedback, and even better, some help on this idea. Drop me a comment below. If i'm wasting my time here, and something already exists, holla back!!!

Update Update Update: Here's Part #2
Where I get a bit further in progress...Looks good so far....