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This is part 1 of an idea i'm going to try and work on. Not sure it there will ever be a Part 2 to this! Basically the problem I want to provide a DIY solution for is a remote to start and stop video from the Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, 550D / T2i. Yes, there is the RC-1 for the 5D Mark II, but that works through infrared, line of sight, and only best in front of the camera. I need a remote that can start and stop video if my camera were on a Jib / Crane / Steadicam / Shoulder Rig, etc.

Here's two of the current solutions people are using today:

Video above From Lucasberg

Video above From Abel Cine Tech

While both videos show a method of routing an infrared signal from front to back, it's not going to suffice in many situations that I plan on using my camera for. So check out my video (very top) on Part 1 of what I'm planning on doing. I'm using this $8.00 wireless 1CH remote and also got this used RC-1 from eBay for just $8.00 dollars. Let's see if you hear back from me on a successful DIY Wireless Remote for the Canon 5D Mark II or if it's an epic failure.... Stay tuned.

1. Parts i'm using is this 1 CH Momentary Wireless Remote / Receiver from eBay for about $8.00 dollars
2. I'm going to use a Relay to trigger continuity (bypassing the switch) on the Canon RC-1 infrared for the Canon 5D Mark II (click Here).

I'd love some feedback, and even better, some help on this idea. Drop me a comment below. If i'm wasting my time here, and something already exists, holla back!!!

Update Update Update: Here's Part #2
Where I get a bit further in progress...Looks good so far....